Best of 2021 – Top 20 Patterns and Tutorials

This year flew by so fast, it hardly feels like it even began! But it did, and it brought lots of fun new patterns, tutorials, make alongs and so much more. Here’s a look back at the best of 2021, plus a few sneak peeks at 2022!

Best of 2021 on Stitches n Scraps

New in 2021

Stitches n Scraps Yarn Shop

About halfway through the year, I opened a yarn shop! I was really enjoying King Cole yarns from the UK, and thought you might enjoy them as well. I’m building slowly, and hoping to add more yarns and colors in the coming year.

Shop Stitches n Scraps!

Pattern Bundles

Another recent addition is pattern bundles! These collections of knit and crochet patterns are available at a huge discount for a short time only. They include designs from lots of different designers. I actually joined in my first bundle at the very end of 2020. This year, I participated in lace pattern bundles and holiday pattern bundles. These were super fun to do, and I hope to be part of more pattern bundles in 2022!

Best of 2021 – Make Alongs

Knit alongs and crochet alongs are a great way to learn new techniques while having fun with other crafters. I co-host 2 make-along groups on Facebook with several other designers. Between those two groups, we’ve had a lot of opportunities to knit and crochet together.

KAL Corner Knitting

At KAL corner, we broke the year up into 3 separate knit alongs. We started with hats, then went on to a summer baby blanket, and ended with holiday stashbusting. We’re taking a break for 2022, but hope to be back for 2023.

CAL Central Crochet

At CAL Central, we had 5 crochet alongs this year. We repeated our three most popular, annual events: the Softie CAL, Halloween CAL, and Holiday Stashdown CAL. For 2021 we added the Cozy at Home CAL to start off the year, and the Summer Quickies CAL for the warmer months.

CAL Central Cozy at Home Crochet Along Jan 10th to March 28th, 2022

This schedule worked out so well that we plan to keep the same themes throughout 2022! The announcement for the 2022 Cozy at Home CAL will be coming soon.

Scrappy Stitchers

The Scrappy Stitchers Facebook group is home to the Stitches n Scraps make alongs. For 2021, we made a quick and easy magnet every month in the Fridgies CAL.

In 2022, we’ll shift our focus to more complex projects in the 2022 Bag Along CAL. With two full months for each pattern, we’ll have plenty of time to explore a variety of techniques.

Stitches n Scraps 2022 Bag Along CAL - 6 patterns, great prizes, #BagAlongCal

I am planning to have knit alongs throughout the year as well. We’ll most likely start off with a double knit hat project, but I don’t have that quite ready to go yet. Look for an announcement early in January.

Other Events

Besides these events, I had the pleasure of participating in a few others too.

I plan to participate in all of these again this year, plus more!

There were (mostly) weekly Lunchtime Live videos, monthly pattern collections, and some fun product reviews and giveaways. All in all, it’s been quite the year at Stitches n Scraps!

Best of 2021 – Top 20 Patterns and Tutorials

I published a total of 36 patterns and 17 tutorials this year. Out of all of those, these were the 20 most viewed:

How to Crochet the Flower Stitch
#20 – Flower Stitch (crochet tutorial)

Invisible Join for finishing crochet in the round
#19 – Invisible Join (crochet tutorial)

Corner to Corner Cables Pillow
#18 – Corner to Corner Cables Pillow (crochet pattern)

Bunny Fridge Magnet Crochet Pattern
#17 – Bunny Fridge Magnet (crochet pattern)

How to read mosaic knitting charts
#16 – Mosaic Knitting Charts (knitting tutorial)

Simply Sweet Raglan Knit Baby Sweater
#15 – Simply Sweet Raglan Baby Sweater (knitting pattern)

Foldable Market Bag - free crochet pattern on
#14 – Foldable Market Bag (crochet pattern)

Tunisian Twist Crochet Earwarmer
#13 – Tunisian Twist Ear Warmer (crochet pattern)

Bear Fridge Magnet - a free pattern on Stitches n Scraps
#12 – Bear Fridge Magnet (crochet pattern)

Silver Linings lacy crochet shawl pattern on Stitches n Scraps
#11 – Silver Linings (crochet pattern)

3 Ways to Start a Crochet Circle
#10 – 3 Ways to Start a Crochet Circle (crochet tutorial)

Make 1 right (m1r) and Make 1 left (m1l) increases tutorial
#9 – Make 1 Right and Make 1 Left (knitting tutorial)

Knit Left Cross (LC) Tutorial on Stitches n Scraps
#8 – Knit Left Cross (knitting tutorial)

Steampunk Cyanide crochet blanket square pattern on Stitches n Scraps
#7 – Steampunk Cyanide (crochet pattern)

Mosaic Sampler Blanket - Free pattern on Stitches n Scraps
#6 – Mosaic Sampler Blanket (knitting pattern)

Starflower Lace Doily - free crochet pattern on Stitches n Scraps
#5 – Starflower Lace Doily (crochet pattern)

Stepping Out Sun Hat - Free crochet pattern on Stitches n Scraps
#4 – Stepping out Sun Hat (crochet pattern)

Stepping Out Summer Scarf
#3 – Stepping Out Summer Scarf (crochet pattern)

Chainless Starting Double Crochet Tutorial on Stitches n Scraps
#2 – Chainless Starting Double Crochet (crochet tutorial)

Little Red Doggie Snood free crochet pattern
#1 – Little Red Doggie Snood (crochet pattern)

I hope you enjoyed this Best of 2021 Review! Did your favorites make the list? What would you like to see more of in 2022? I’m looking forward to another year full of fiber fun!

Best of 2021 on Stitches n Scraps

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