Knit Left Cross (LC) Stitch – 3 ways

The knit left cross (lc) is a versatile stitch that can be used for delicate cables, swirls, and other fun textures. Learn 3 different ways to knit this stitch, all of which give you the same result. Choose whichever is more comfortable for you!

Knit Left Cross (LC) Tutorial on Stitches n Scraps

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1/1 Left Crossing Cable

A left cross could more specifically be called a 1/1 LC or 1 over 1 left crossing cable. This means that we cross one stitch over another stitch, so that the cross appears to lean to the left. The stitch on the right pass in front of the stitch on the left.

The shorter and more common abbreviation is simply LC, and the chart symbol looks like this:

Left cross chart symbol

For more details about cables in general, and their abbreviations, check out my tutorial on Decoding Cables (with Licorice!).

Decoding Cables - with licorice

The key to making the stitches cross is knitting them out of order. In this case we’re working with 2 stitches, so you knit the 2nd stitch first, then knit the first stitch.

Knit left cross with cable needle

Just like larger cables, you can make the LC stitch with a cable needle. The cable needle holds the first stitch out of the way, while you knit the 2nd one.

First identify the 2 stitches you want to cross. Slip the first stitch onto your cable needle and drop it in front.

Place stitch on cable needle

Knit the 2nd stitch

Knit next stitch

Then knit the first stitch from the cable needle.

Knit from cable needle

Knit LC by rearranging stitches

Instead of moving one stitch out of the way, you can rearrange the stitches on your needle before knitting them. First slip both stitches together, purlwise, onto your working needle.

Slip 2 stitches

Now insert your other needle back into the stitches, starting from the back, so that the 2nd stitch goes onto the needle first.

Insert needle from behind

With the stitches already twisted, you can now simply knit them as normal.

Stitches crossed before knitting them

Knit LC stitches out of order

My favorite way of knitting an LC takes a little practice to get used to. It’s worth the effort, because when you can do it consistently it’s the fastest way to knit the stitch. Rather than moving the stitches around, you simply knit the 2nd stitch first.

With your yarn at the back, ring your needle up from the back, between the first and 2nd stitches.

up between stitches

Now insert it down into the 2nd stitch as though to knit.

Down through 2nd stitch to knit

Knit the stitch, though you won’t be able to remove it from your other needle yet.

Knit 2nd stitch

Finally, knit the first stitch, and then drop both stitches from your other needle.

Knit Left Cross (LC) Video Tutorial

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Knit Left Cross (LC) Tutorial on Stitches n Scraps

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