Invisible Join for Crocheting in the Round

Make your final round flawless! Using a slip stitch to join the last round of your crochet project can leave an unsightly bump. The invisible join technique eliminates the bump for a smooth, seamless finish.

Invisible Join for finishing crochet in the round

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The slip stitch join

The traditional way to finish working in the round is to join your last round with a slip stich. Unfortunately, this creates a visible bump at the join.

Crochet circle finished in the traditional way, with a slip stitch.

The invisible join

Instead of the slip stitch, we can sew our final round closed for a more seamless finish. This method creates a loop that mimics the tops of the other stitches, and eliminates the unsightly bump.

crochet circle with a seamless join

The shape of a stitch

Notice how the top of a stitch is formed. The yarn comes out of the center of the previous stitch, goes under both legs of the next stitch, and then goes back down through the center of the previous stitch again. This is the path we are going to follow.

shape of a stitch

Fasten off

Fasten off first. Note that you do not need to draw the yarn through your working loop to fasten off. This creates an extra chain that you don’t need. Just pull your working loop up big until the yarn end comes out. Place your tail on a yarn needle, and we’re ready to join.

Under the next stitch

The yarn is already coming out of the center of our last stitch. Since we’re working in the round, our next stitch is the first stitch of the round. Insert your needle under the entire top of that stitch. It should go under both legs.

Under the next st

For this technique, it does not matter if you go under from back to front, or from front to back. Either way will work.

Down through the middle

After going under the first stitch, it’s time to go back down through the middle of the last stitch. This finishes the V shape we’re looking for. Insert your needle down through the middle of the stitch and out the back.

back down the middle

While you could go under just the one back loop, I prefer to catch at least 2 loops. This helps to secure the yarn and keep your tension steady. You have now created a new stitch top and joined your final round.

under 2 loops

Tighten the join

Pull on the tail to tighten the join, but don’t pull too hard. You want your new stitch to be the same size and tension as the rest of the stitches.

finished join

Invisible Join Video Tutorial

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Invisible Join for finishing crochet in the round

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