Random Things Heard at Chain Link 2022

After a 3 year break, it was absolutely amazing to attend the CGOA Chain Link 2022 Conference in New Orleans. Were you there?

A few years ago, I started making a random list of some of the silly, fun, or outlandish things I hear at each conference. This annual post is always a favorite, and I’m so glad it’s back again!

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An annual tradition

I’ve gone to every CGOA conference since my first one way back in 2015. It’s so much fun and I look forward to this trip every year. This year was even more exciting for me, because it kicked off my 2 year term as president!

Me holding up my Chain Link 2022 name badge, with President, Sponsor, and Volunteer ribbons attached

All the events and classes are amazing, but what makes this a must-do trip for me is the relaxed, community atmosphere. It’s wonderful to just spend time with, and be silly with, my crochet friends. That downtime is often where the best quotes for this list come from too.

The Chain Link 2022 List

Everything on this list was perfectly innocent when it was actually said. I swear. Out of context, out of order, and definitely a little bit out of our minds – Here’s this year’s list of random things heard at the 2022 Chain Link Conference!

The 5 finalists in the Fastest Fingers Contest at Chain Link 2022

I had a thought but it left already.

  • I am on top of you. No, not literally.
  • Everything’s going to come down in the same B hole.
  • I had to keep pulling out.
  • It was very cathartic. Apparently, I just needed to pound something for five minutes.
"Crochet Class" crocheted sign made by Jennifer Ryan

I’m standing in the bathroom in the dark. This is like my life.

  • This might sound weird, and don’t repeat this, but I think she’s really pretty.
  • Well, if you were married, she’d be your wife.
  • Advice for husbands of crocheters: Get a big house!
Jennifer at Raffle booth holding up strings of tickets - CGOA Chain Link 2022

It tastes of sadness.

  • Are we having communist lettuce for lunch?
  • I should’ve just sent her a flying pig, but yeah there was that whole bacon incident.
  • Oh! I thought you were going to burn it up in the hotel and that’s why you got oysters!
A delicious sampler of etouffee, red beans, and gumbo, with a side of rice.

I cannot contain the smartassery.

  • I’m a little much, and I know it.
  • I like all of you better on your drugs, just saying.
  • Is it done? Is it what you wanted? Is everybody happy? OK!
  • We’re finally relaxing so it all just flows out.
The Celtic Management team of Deb, Heather, and Denise

I ate raw potato as a child.

  • Honestly, the best part of having children is ruining their day.
  • I felt very fancy with radishes.
  • Dude, the fiber! No wonder we’re always running out of toilet paper!
Tamara eating a beignet

Never look at your butt in a security camera.

  • I kind of want to get paid for it. I’d do that for money.
  • I’ll be your fluffer.
  • You’re so mean, it’s awesome!
  • “What are you doing now?” “Farting.”

This smile has gotten me plane tickets.

  • I do enjoy a good train.
  • I would’ve been snorting in the corner.
  • That shouldn’t be legal.
  • Hand grenades and hurricanes, that’ll do you in!
A hurricane drink cocktail

That’s all folks!

That’s an end to this year’s list. Come join me at the next Chain Link conference, and maybe something you say will end up on next year’s list!

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