Random things heard at the 2017 CGOA Chain Link Conference

Andee & Me at the 2017 CGOA conference

  • He brought me 2 big balls.
  • Pay no attention to those hoodlums in the back.
  • Take the top, and shove it up through the bottom hole.
  • Sure, I love a microphone!
  • Would you like some red coffee?


The wedding guest at the 2017 CGOA conference

  • It’s a sleeve…a wizard sleeve.
  • It’s just a quiet sort of wild.
  • Don’t worry about behaving…I’ve got bail money!
  • We didn’t rehearse this.
  • You’re going to put hair on my chest…That’s the only thing I don’t have to shave!
  • Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait!!!!…I’m writing this down.


Laurinda and Maureen at the 2017 CGOA conference

  • We’re good with our hands too.
  • Wait, is everyone going to go pee?
  • If it’s after 1am, I’m totally taking off my bra.
  • Was it the right cheek, or the left cheek?
  • I’ve never seen so many people hugging in my life…and I’m from an Italian family!


Sparky at the 2017 CGOA conference

  • Are you suggesting I can’t pronounce Schachenmayr?
  • Quit grabbing [her] like that…it’s impolite!
  • Here, you wanna use my lime? It’s pretty wet.
  • I’m single, I need to hear more!
  • I like a happy ending.
  • Remember, what happens here stays here, and we’ll see you all next year!


hanging out at the 2017 CGOA conference


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