Random Things Heard at Chain Link 2019

Did you attend Chain Link 2019 in New Hampshire this year? Out of all the conferences I go to each year, Chain Link is hands down my favorite. If you’ve ever been to one, you know how much fun we have when we all get together!

A couple of years ago, I started taking notes of some of the silly, fun, or outlandish things I hear at the conference. My first list was a hit, so I’ve made it an annual tradition.

A name badge for the CGOA chain link conference, with several ribbons, pins, and chains attached

Out of context, out of order, and maybe just a little out of our minds. Here’s this year’s annual list of random things heard at the 2019 Chain Link Conference!

Shut up, I’m counting.

  • I am loud and annoying, everyone knows who I am.
  • I made a special snowflake slide. It was 4 in the morning.
  • It’s black on black – chill out chick!
rainbow heart patch on a black background, sewin onto a black and white gingham checked bag. Ontop of the bag there is a small plastic case with sewing tools.

Moose, moose, moose, bears!

  • Or, you could just become a vampire…
  • All you have to do is think about green olives.
  • Look! There’s a kangaroo on her bum!
An adult woman, twirling a small child on a dance floor with people seated in the background.

Oh look, I’m a double dk!

  • I am surprisingly flexible.
  • Put butter on me and call me a sweet potato.
  • Honey, I have 400 lb rams who have a lot more attitude.
Two young women sharing a milkshake in a restaurant

Please remain seated until we get a pusher

  • They just gave us a $500 cooler named after your thing.
  • It’s not a deformed tree in a theater, it’s a sad peacock.
  • Don’t worry, they still got the marks on the wall.
Marly Bird standing next to her chair at a banquet, wearing a bright red shawl

Well, she found out because I told her…

  • I saw a real live mullet at the airport.
  • How many people does it take to take a selfie?
A selfie with Pia and Karen

You can’t judge a stitch pattern after just three stitches, can you?

  • If you could go behind the couch and kick my yarn, that would be neat.
  • I promise I’m not going to poke you with this, even though I keep shoving it in your face.
5 women on a couch in a hotel lobby, with a round table in front of them and wooden shelves behind them. The table is filled with empty glasses and plates.

We don’t have good pockets in our pants.

I don’t know if I need 1000 words about gym shorts.

The Llamacorn has spoken.

Jessie Rayot in a green shirt with a purple purse, holding a pink llamacorn stuffed animal.


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