Circular Bag Lining Tutorial

You can sew a zippered lining for a circular bag. It’s easier than you think! Let me show you how in this tutorial. This circular bag lining is part of my Crochet Mandala Bag Pattern but can be adapted for any bag with a similar construction.

Circular Bag Lining Tutorial on Stitches n Scraps

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Bag Along CAL

The layered flower mandala is part of this Crochet Mandala Bag Pattern. You can find the full written instructions for the bag and the lining in that pattern.

This is the third of 6 bag patterns in the 2022 Bag Along CAL. See the full schedule and learn how to join in the fun, in the main Bag Along CAL post.

Overall Construction

Just like the bag, this lining is made up of 3 main pieces. Two circles are the front and the back of the bag. A thin, side strip connects the circles and gives the bag its depth.

To make the lining, first we attach the zipper to the side strip. Then we sew the strip around the edge of the front and back pieces, one at a time.

Zipper and Side Strip

The width of the side strip determines the depth of the bag. For this bag, I simply matched the width of the zipper tape.

End of zipper sewn to the end of a strip of fabric that is approximately the same width.

If you want a deeper bag, you can sew additional fabric to each side of the zipper to add width. Then cut the side strip to match the overall width of your zipper and additional fabric.

Take it slow

Curved edges take patience to sew. Because we’re sewing at right angles, there’s no need to notch the fabric. But it’s still important to go slowly and make sure you’re not accidentally pinching the fabric into pleats.

Other shapes

Your bag and lining do not have to be circular. Use this technique to line any bag that has a matching front and back, connected by a side strip!

Circular Bag Lining Tutorial

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Circular Bag Lining Tutorial on Stitches n Scraps

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