Round Up – What to Make with Caron Cakes

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By now you’ve probably seen the new Cakes yarn from Caron. You can’t turn on facebook without seeing pictures of projects made with it, and you may have noticed some have worked out better than others. Caron Cakes is a self striping yarn with extremely long color sections, but the colors change very abruptly. Some designs work very well with this, and others look disjointed or choppy.

So you want to give it a try yourself…but what should you make? The key is to find patterns that work well with large sections of color, but also have features that hide/mask or incorporate the abrupt color changes. Here are some patterns that the designers feel would work well with this new yarn. Try them out and let us know if you agree!

What to make with Caron Cakes - StitchesNScraps.comDesigned with Caron Cakes yarn:

Gemstone Lace Triangular Shawl - Free Crochet Pattern on The Lavender ChairThe Gemstone Lace Shawl by Dorianna Rivelli of the Lavender Chair creates extra wide stripes of color by using a lacy, open stitch.

Ring Around the Rosie Vest by Doriana Rivelli

Dorianna’s Ring Around the Rosie Vest is super cute too, and can be made with just one skein.

Abstract Shawl by Posh Pooch DesignsAbstract Shawl in Caron Cake - by Posh Pooch Designs

Sarah Sach of Posh Pooch Designs has tried this yarn out herself with her Abstract Shawl pattern. The design was originally written for Red Heart Boutique Treasures, but check out how pretty it looks in Caron Cakes.

Designed in a different yarn:


Storm Clouds Pillow - A free crochet pattern on

My Storm Clouds pillow comes to mind as one that would work well. Chances are the color changes would happen in the middle of a puff stitch, helping to create a more blended transition.

Seabling Cowl by Kim GuzmanThe Sea Bling Cowl by Kim Guzman of Crochet Kim was designed for another unique yarn. In Caron Cakes, the simple stitch pattern would really show off the long color sections, and should create a much different effect from the original.

Granny Stitch Triangle Scarf by Breanna Laub

This Granny Stitch Triangle Scarf by Breanna Laub of String with Style is another fast and fun stitch pattern that plays well with this yarn. The triangle shape should naturally create wider stripes of color at the bottom point, going to thinner stripes as each row gets longer.

A Cold Snap Shawlette by Marie Segares

A Cold Snap Shawlette from Marie Segars of the Underground Crafter is another option. With a short pattern repeat and just a little bit of texture, the color changes should blend well.

Rippling Peacock Scarf by Marie Segares

The Rippling Peacock Scarf (I love that name!) is another Underground Crafter design option. It looks great in long stripes, and there’s so much texture going on that it should hide any color transitions easily.

Christina Crochet Wrap by Jessie Rayot

This is the Christina Crochet Wrap by Jessie Rayot of Jessie at Home, which works well with large blocks of color. Because it’s worked lengthwise in a lacy ripple stitch, the sudden color changes will look like just part of the design.

Wrapped in Blue by Jessie Rayot  Wrapped in Blue by Jessie At Home - Sample from tester Leah Field

The slightly off-kilter stitch pattern of Jessie Rayot’s Wrapped in Blue also works well to hide color transitions. Here you can see the changing colors of the sample made by Leah Field while testing it.

Dragonfly Bandana by Maria Bitner

Here’s a beautiful Dragonfly Bandana Cowl by Maria Bitner of Pattern Paradise. I imagine the longer colorways would make the rows of dragonflies really pop!

So many great choices! What will you make?


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