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  4. I accidentally found your seashell pattern, and sent the link to two friends who wear CIs (cochlear implants) because they are extremely hard of hearing so that regular HAs no longer help. I wear two HAs since 2005 and have been high partial legally blind since 2003. But that shell is so much like a cochlea shell! Thanks! I’ve been crocheting 60+ years.

  5. Hello! Thanks for the pattern. I would like to know how to continue this pattern for a really large shell motif. What is the proper rate of increase to keep going? Can you use even taller stitches as you progress? How can this be done?

    Thank you!

    • That’s hard to answer because it would be largely trial and error to get the increases right. Generally the taller the rounds get, the more increases you would need to do per round. Adding really tall stitches would make the fabric a lot more flexible and less solid / stiff. Theoretically, if you used linked stitches, that would allow you to use taller and taller stitches while still keeping it more solid. I used the short row at the end instead, partly for this reason.

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