Whipstitch Seams – Lunchtime Live Ep32

Join me on YouTube for this week’s Lunchtime Live episode! I’ll be demonstrating how to use whipstitch seams to join 2 pieces of crochet or knit fabric.

Lunchtime Live Episode 32 - whipstitch seams

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What is Lunchtime Live?

Lunchtime Live is a weekly series of live videos on my YouTube channel. It’s a chance for us to chat about what’s new at Stitches n Scraps. Think of it as a video newsletter, where you can participate too! I start each episode with a look at the latest posts on the blog. Then I move on to any announcements and sneak peeks at what’s coming up in the following week. Finally, I end the episode with a demo or short tutorial of some kind. Usually this will be a knit or crochet technique.

Watch Live, or Watch Later!

Tune in here to watch live at 11:30 am, US Central Time on January 21st, 2021. Join in the conversation with the live chat! You’ll be able to ask questions and leave comments which I can respond to in the video.

If you can’t make it during the live broadcast, that’s ok – you can watch the full episode after it’s over.

In This Weeks Episode

Whipstitch Seams

In this week’s demo, I’ll show you how to sew two pieces of crochet or knit fabric together using a whipstitch seam. This is the seam I used to join my Tunisian Twist headband, and it’s one of my go-to seams when I want a solid, strong join.

Tunisian Twist Crochet Earwarmer


Here are the links to posts and items that I plan to mention in the episode:

Lunchtime Live Episode 32 - whipstitch seams

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