WeCrochet Mosaic Wood Crochet Hooks Review

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WeCrochet sent me a free set of their Mosaic Wood Crochet Hooks to review. I really enjoyed using them, and I think you will too. Read all about it, and see how you can enter for a chance to win a set of your own!

WeCrochet Mosaic Wood Crochet Hook Set Product Review

Crochet Hook Characteristics

First, let’s talk about some characteristics of hooks in general.

Hook (tip) style

Hooks come in two basic hook styles – inline and tapered. Inline hooks are carved into the shaft without changing the dimensions of the shaft itself. On tapered hooks, the shaft narrows into a hook that is not the same shape as the rest of the shaft.

Inline and tapered - Brittany needles and hook review on StitchesnScraps

Most crocheters have a definite favorite between these two styles, and my favorite is usually tapered.


Hooks come in a range of materials including plastic, wood, bamboo, and various metals, each with different characteristics. For most regular crochet, I tend to prefer metal hooks because the metal is very slick and slippery.

Wood tends to grip the stitches a little bit more, which can help with tension control. I tend to choose wood crochet hooks when I’m working with complex stitches, with multiple loops on my hook at once, and for Tunisian crochet.


These days, crochet hook handles come in all different shapes. You can get ergonomic handles that are fat or curvy in various ways, soft grips, and plain/straight shafts.

I don’t have a specific preference when it comes to grips. Comfort involves other factors too, like the weight of the hook and whether it feels warm or cold, hard or soft in your hand. I’m happy with any hook that’s comfortable to hold and doesn’t make my hand cramp when I use it for long periods.

WeCrochet Mosaic Wood Crochet Hooks

I’ve used these hooks on a couple of projects now, and really enjoyed them! I found them particularly useful for a 12 inch, Tunisian crochet square that I worked on. The pattern will be coming out in January 2022, and I will update the link here when it does.

Rainbow colors

Let’s start off with how absolutely GORGEOUS these hooks are! The swirling colors bring out the natural grain of the wood, with a smooth and shiny finish. This is definitely an Instagram-worthy set!

WeCrochet Mosaic Wood Hooks in brilliant colors

Deep cut hook

I usually tend to split the yarn when working with an inline hook. I didn’t seem to have that problem with these though. I think it has to do with how deeply the hooks are carved. The end of the hook is much longer than others I’ve tried.

Deep inline hook

Comfortable grip

The WeCrochet Mosaic Wood crochet hooks have a perfectly straight shaft, with a shallow indentation for a thumb grip. They are not ergonomic in style, but are very light compared to my typical metal hooks. The wood feels soft and warm. I found them comfortable and easy to hold for longer crochet sessions.

Thumb Grip

It would also be easy to slide padded grips onto these hooks if you want, as the thumb grip doesn’t stick out past the width of the shaft.

Tunisian Crochet

The perfectly straight shafts mean these hooks work well for small pieces of Tunisian crochet! I like to avoid the longer Tunisian hooks unless I really need the extra length. For smaller projects such as blanket squares, I typically turn to regular crochet hooks like these.

Tunisian on mosaic wood hook

I used one of the hooks from this set for a 12-inch blanket square and it was just the right size. The pattern will be out in January 2022, and I will share the link here when it’s ready.

Storing your WeCrochet Mosaic Wood Hooks

The WeCrochet Mosaic wood hook set comes in a convenient, plastic storage case. A label insert shows the size of each hook. It includes 8 sizes, from E (3.5mm) to K (6.5mm).

Hook set in case

The sizes are not labeled on the hooks directly, but each hook is a different color. I would recommend keeping a picture of your full set for reference, or making a list of which color is which size.

Enter the Giveaway!

WeCrochet is sponsoring the final giveaway prize for the 2021 Fridgies CAL. They’re offering one lucky winner a set of these Mosaic Wood Hooks! The giveaway will start on October 1st, 2021, and end on December 31st, 2021. See all the details in the CAL post.

2021 Fridgies Crochet Along on Stitches n Scraps

Find this set and more at Crochet.com

Don’t want to wait for the giveaway? Get your hooks now at Crochet.com! There are lots of hooks and sets to choose from, as well as cases, other tools and accessories, and of course yarn!

WeCrochet Mosaic Wood Crochet Hook Set Product Review

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