Product Review – Unicorn Fibre Wash & Rinse

My friend Jessie of Jessie at Home had a serious soot problem in her home office / studio a little while ago, and for cleaning it up she recommended Unicorn Fibre products. I was looking for a good product to use for blocking my projects anyway, so I thought I would give it a try. I didn’t know whether I wanted Fibre Wash or Fibre Rinse, so I asked, and they sent me a free sample pack. It included both the wash and the rinse, as well as the Power Scour.

Unicorn Fibre samples

I didn’t use the Power Scour, and probably won’t need to in the near future. I don’t have pets or anything so my yarn is usually very clean and doesn’t need a deep cleaning product like that one, but I was waiting for a chance to test the other two. I wanted to use two identical pieces made with the same yarn. My latest project was the perfect opportunity – this pair of slippers.

pair of slippers

I started with the Fibre Wash. I used about half the sample in this sink full of water, and it really foamed up a lot! I washed one slipper in this, and then since I had the sink full I also washed a couple of pairs of knit wool socks that needed washing. The suds held out really well – I could have washed a bunch more stuff, except my red socks bled a bit as they usually do, and that was the end of that.

Fibre wash foamed up a lot!slipper in fibre wash pair of socks in fibre wash

I drained the sink and rinsed all the pieces under running water and set them aside. Next came the Fibre Rinse. I had heard these two products described as being like shampoo and conditioner and it’s really accurate! The Fibre Rinse came out creamy and white and felt silky on my hands just like conditioner does, and it didn’t foam up as much in the sink. What foam did form quickly broke as soon as I put the other slipper in it. I also put both pairs of the socks in it as well. This product says it doesn’t need to be rinsed out, so I didn’t.

slipper in fibre rinse Socks in fibre rinse

Here’s everything hanging up to dry. I stuffed the slippers with plastic bags to block them into shape. The one washed with the Fibre Wash has a stitch marker on it so I couldn’t mix them up.

Everything drying

After a couple days of drying, it all got the sniff test. Everything smelled clean and fresh, though to be fair, the slippers were already clean. I wore the blue socks, and they felt good – nice and soft, and didn’t irritate my skin like they sometimes can. As far as the slippers, both blocked fine, though I think the one washed with the Fibre Rinse is a little bit softer and smoother.

So I have decided which product I need – BOTH! I like the Fibre Rinse for blocking – particularly because it doesn’t need to be rinsed out (fewer steps are always nice). But I also realized that I need something to wash my handmades in after I wear them, and the Fibre Wash is perfect for that. A little goes a long way, further than I thought, so they’re actually quite affordable too.

If you’d like to try them out for yourself, check out their website – you can order the same free sample pack I got!

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