Free Pattern – Linen Stitch Scrap Rug — 12 Comments

  1. I really enjoyed the tutorial on combining yarns. I’ve done something similar but it was only with two or three strands at a time when making infinity cowls. As soon as I saw the linen stitch rug pattern, I smacked my forehead and said “Duh!”, lol! This will the next project on my hook. Thanks!

  2. Super cool and I love that is all scrap yarns held together. I have bookmarked this on SU and hope to try it soon. I might use t-shirt yarn as alternative.

  3. Beautiful colors. Can’t wait to try this. Looks like a great stash buster. Thanks for Sharing.

  4. This is perfect! I am guilty over and over again of finding a new pattern I’m excited about, and buying all new yarn for it. Therefore I have quite a stash – this will be great to make a dent in it – rugs for everyone! 🙂

  5. This is beautiful! Can I ask a question…. does a rug like this hold up if you were to use it regularly? Could you vacuum it?

    • Thanks! Mine has gotten pretty well abused – it sits in front of my WIP shelf, so i walk (and kneel, and sit, and drop things) on it several times a day, and I sometimes lay on it when I’m reading. It’s held up really well so far. I’m pretty sure it gets vacuumed every 2 weeks, but I’m not the one who does it so can’t be positive.

  6. I have now made two of these for the bottom of my dog’s kennels. Talk about using up a TON of scrap yarn! The babies love it, and I’ve made so much room for new projects! Great idea! Thanks.