#DIW2 – Last section….or is it?

How are you coming along with your DIW2 mystery CAL blog hop scarf? I’m still a couple of sections behind, but plan to catch up tonight. Here are sections 7 & 8 on my scarf:Sections 7 & 8If you do finish section 10, remember NOT to start your repeats yet until you hear tomorrow’s special announcement.  Don’t worry about finishing on time, we’ll be going through May 15th to finish the scarves, so there’s still plenty of time!

All I can tell you right now about the surprise is that it will be an activity, happening on the Ravelry group only, and there may even be a prize for participating. Check the group tomorrow morning (Chicago time) for all the info! (yes, I know, I’m horrible for not telling you right now) 😉


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