Autumn Air Cowl Crochet Along – Week 1

Welcome to the Autumn Air Cowl Crochet Along! Learn Tunisian entrelac crochet, while making this comfy, colorful cowl. Entrelac is a great introduction to Tunisian crochet techniques.

Autumn Air Cowl Crochet Along week 1 - learn Entrelac Crochet on Stitches n Scraps

The first part of the Autumn Air pattern is now available, including a video tutorial.

Check out the main Autumn Air Cowl CAL post for all the details, including prizes and giveaway information. Join in the fun and share your progress on the Scrappy Stitchers Facebook group.

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Here are a few tips to help you with week 1:

Vertical Bars

If you’re not familiar with Tunisian crochet, you may be wondering what I mean by “vertical bars” in the pattern. The tutorial video will be very helpful in this so please do take a look at it.

In the center of the triangles, the vertical bars are easy to see. The ones that are tricky are the very last ones in each row. To create the triangles, we are increasing by one stitch at the end of each row. The left leg of that new stitch forms a new vertical bar.

To pick up a loop in the vertical bar, insert your hook from right to left under the bar, and then yarn over and pull up the loop.

Pull up loop in bar - Autumn Air Cowl on

Tunisian Simple Stitch

A row of Tunisian crochet has a forward pass, where you pick up loops, and a return pass, where you work those loops off to create the stitches. The basic stitch used in this cowl is called Tunisian simple stitch (tss). You may find it helpful to watch this Tunisian simple stitch tutorial by Kim Guzman.

With tss, you pick up a loop in the vertical bars of each stitch, and then work them off 2 at a time. The only real difference with Entrelac is that we’re connecting small patches of tss to one another as we go.

The image below is just a swatch, and does not match the final pattern. 

Entrelac - Brittany needles and hook review on StitchesnScraps

Adjusting for size:

You can make the cowl as wide or as tall as you like, with a few simple changes. For the width, adjust the number of stitches you start with. As long as you start with a multiple of 9 stitches, the pattern will work.

To adjust the height, change the number of rounds. The pattern will call for a round of triangles, followed by 5 rounds of squares, and a final round of triangles. You need the beginning and ending triangle rounds, but you can change the number of square rounds to get the height you want.

Autumn Air - a free crochet pattern on Stitches n Scraps

Because you can adjust the size, this means you can also use any size yarn you like. The pattern calls for DK weight, but you can easily adjust it to work with worsted.

Enter the giveaway!

The giveaway is now open – be sure to get your entries in on the main CAL post !

Green and purple sparkle knitting abacus from Ablet
image courtesy of Ablet

Earlier today I updated the main post with information about the great giveaway prizes. There are some coupon codes too, that you can use right now!

image courtesy of Global Backyard Inudstries

So check out the prizes, grab the coupon codes, and show our sponsors some love – without them we wouldn’t have so much fun with these CALs!

Argyle Lamb Kabobs from Lickin Flames
image courtesy of Lickin’ Flames

Are you ready to get started? Hop on over to the Autumn Air pattern, and remember to share your progress on the Scrappy Stitchers Facebook group! Please use the hashtag #AutumnAirCAL when sharing your project pictures!

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