This is why.

Sometimes, I try to pull out the end from the center of a skein, and the whole middle comes out in one big blob of yarn barf that I then spend 2 hours untangling.

Sometimes, 15 stitches from the end of a massive project, I run out of completely unmatchable yarn.

Sometimes, I put down a project for a few days, and when I pick it back up again, I can’t remember what hook I was using (and when I guess, I get it wrong).

Sometimes I make a pair of socks…then another pair of socks…then another pair of socks…and none of them fit me quite right, but all for different reasons.

Sometimes I swatch, and measure, and calculate based on sizing charts…and make a stupid mistake so in the end it still doesn’t fit.

Sometimes I design something I’m really really proud of and think is very unique, write up the pattern, get set to post it on line….only to see 5 other patterns that are the same idea only better, so I don’t post mine.

Sometimes I got distracted by another project and forgot about a deadline, so I stay up all night to finish, even though I have a busy day the next day, and my wrist and elbow are starting to ache.

I know you’ve been there too.

And then sometimes, a mom tells me she HAS to make my pattern because her 3 year old says it’s “bootiful!” Sometimes it fits just right…and it’s soft and squishy, and it feels and looks so good…and I know I made it.

Sometimes just one single picture reminds me what I love so so much about fiber arts, and why they are so amazing, so fulfilling, and so joyful (yarn barf and all), and why I can’t imagine ever stopping….

My friend's baby Harrison
Photo courtesy of Kristy Gonyon – used with permission

Meet my friend’s new baby, Harrison, all snuggled up in my “Dreaming of Pinwheels” blanket.

This is why.  ♥


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