Swedish Lace on the Rigid Heddle – Book Review

Are you a weaver? Learn how to weave Swedish lace on the rigid heddle loom! The Rogue Weaver (Tammy Bast) has put together this fabulous e-book, and sent me a free copy to review. If you’re new to lace weaves, this book will get you started!

Swedish Lace on the rigid heddle book review

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The Rogue Weaver

Over the last few years, I’ve been slowly learning to weave. As with any new craft, it has gradually taken over my social media feeds. Tammy’s Instagram feed caught my eye early on and I’ve followed her ever since.

Tammy Bast - The Rogue Weaver

She uses simple weave structures that I recognize, but with color and pattern combinations that take them to a whole new level. Her feed shows me what I can do with the new skills that I’m learning, and inspires me to try different combinations.

Swedish Lace on the Rigid Heddle

Swedish lace is a block weave technique that uses small floats to add texture. These floats cause the threads around them to pull in slightly, making curves in the fabric. You can weave Swedish lace on the rigid heddle loom using pick-up sticks.

The book starts out with a lovely, single-color tea towel to teach you the technique. She then progresses to a lace scarf, using the same technique but with a different yarn, sett, and finishing.

Scarf from Swedish Lace on Your Rigid Heddle

After that, you’re ready to add color for some fantastic cocktail napkins. Strategically placed stripes really show off how the fabric curves around the lace blocks. The book includes instructions for 2 different sizes of napkin.

You can buy each of these patterns separately from the Rogue Weaver’s store, but the book has much more in it as well!

Bonus 4-Shaft Draft

Not a rigid heddle weaver? Neither am I. So I created a 4-shaft version of the basic pattern draft used in this book, and Tammy included it as a bonus!

Tammy had posted a sneak peek of the Swedish lace tea towel on Instagram. Coincidentally, I was working on some huck lace curtains at the time.

@stitchesnscraps Weaving curtains on a floor loom. #ASMR #weaving #FloorLoom #Curtains #HuckLace #StitchesnScraps ♬ original sound – StitchesnScraps

I’m still fairly new to lace weaves, so I was intrigued and started studying the weave structure in the picture. I don’t have a rigid heddle loom, so I tried to figure out how it would work on my 4-shaft loom.

Tea Towel from Swedish Lace on Your Rigid Heddle

I made the draft and sent it to Tammy to see if it was close to what she had done. It was not.

Tammy was so sweet and helped me make the corrections, sending me detailed close-up pictures and explaining the structure to me! I sent her the finished draft to use for the book, and in return, she sent me a copy of the book.

Additional Content

Aside from the patterns themselves, the book has lots of supporting information. It goes through how to read the patterns, how to warp the loom, and how to do the actual weaving. There are also links to video tutorials for additional support.

Finishing napkins - Swedish Lace on Your Rigid Heddle

Even if you’re fairly new to weaving, with this book you absolutely can weave Swedish lace on the rigid heddle loom!

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Swedish Lace on the rigid heddle book review

All images from the book are used with permission from the author.

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