Tutorial – Cable Cast On

The Cable Cast On creates a firm edge that has a pretty, twisted appearance and doesn’t stretch as much as other cast ons. I particularly love this cast on for washcloths. Before learning this cast on, you should know the knitted cast on. The cable cast on is very similar, but with one slight change. 

Cable Cast on Tutorial on Stitches n Scraps

Cable Cast On – Photo Tutorial:

(Scroll down for video tutorial)

Set up – First 2 stitches

Your first 2 stitches are the same as for a knitted cast on. Place a slip knot on your left needle as your first stitch. Then knit into the first stitch and place that new knit stitch onto the left needle as well.  

First 2 stitches on left needle - Cable Cast-on Tutorial on Stitches n Scraps

Casting on remaining stitches: 

Here is where the cable cast on is different from the knitted cast on. Instead of working into the last stitch, insert your needle in the space between the two stitches. You should be able to see the whole last stitch in front of your needle. 

Insert between stitches - Cable Cast on Tutorial on Stitches n Scraps

Knit into this space the same way you would normally knit into a stitch: Wrap the yarn around your needle, and scoop it through the hole. 

Pull the new stitch up so that it’s quite big. Twist the left needle around and insert it into this new stitch from back to front, placing the new stitch onto the left needle. This is the same as for the knitted cast on. 

Place st on left needle - Cable Cast on Tutorial on Stitches n Scraps

Remove the right needle and tighten the stitch. Continue casting on more stitches in this way, until you have the number of stitches you need.  

Cable Cast On – Video Tutorial:


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