Tea Cozy Tuesday – November- Week #2

Here are the yarns I’ve chosen, to try and make a turkey out of the Chamomile Lawn Tea Cosy by Jennifer Adams.

materialsI’ve managed to find all the yarns I’ll need in my stash again. I’m going to use the greyish brown for the body, and incorporate the rest of the colors into the feathers and head. Not sure what I’m doing for eyes yet…I’ll just have to wait and see when I get there.

On another note, the final cozy for the year is next month, and it’s a Christmas design. I know this time of year can be really busy, and I want to make sure everyone has time to make the cozy before Christmas if they want to. So I will be announcing that cozy a week early, next week. Stay tuned!

Just joining us for the first time? There’s still time to get in on the fun!

  • Check out the Ravelry group for tips and suggestions, to follow everyone’s progress, or just for some tea talk.
  • Check out all the finished cozies on the Pinterest page. If you made one and I haven’t posted it there yet, please let me know.
  • Go to the main Tea Cozy Tuesday page for the official button, rules, and other useful links.
  • Link your tea cozy posts back to this site, or leave a comment here or on the main page so we can all find your post!

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