Tea Cozy Tuesday – April – Week #4

There are 5 Tuesdays this month, so this is a bonus post! I decided to make two of the Daylily Tea Cosy for Mother’s Day by Jenny Stacey this month, since there is extra time and they’re so pretty.

Last week, I had just finished the panels for the red ones. While they were blocking, I started in on the yellow panels. So now I have all 4 panels done and blocked or blocking. I decided to block these lightly before seaming just to stop the edges from curling. I thought a quick rinse and stretch would make it easier to line up the seams properly.

all 4 pieces blocking

By next week I’ll have 2 new lovely cozies 🙂 Are you making one with us? We’d all love to see the progress, so if you post about it anywhere, remember to leave the link below.

If you haven’t already, please do check out the main Tea Cozy Tuesday page for the button, rules, and other useful links.

You can also visit the Ravelry group for tips and suggestions, and to follow everyone’s progress. You can view all the finished cozies on the Pinterest page. I will keep adding them as they are finished, so keep checking back for more! If you made one and I haven’t posted it there yet, please let me know (it may matter one day, you never can tell!)


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