GS-JJ Custom Patches, Pins, and More!

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Personalize your projects with GS-JJ custom patches, pins, and more! The folks at GS-JJ sent me some free patches and pins to review, designed with my logo on them. They offer customizable products for just about any event or project. Design your own stickers, ornaments, coins, and even belt buckles, with an easy design process and low minimum quantities. Get started on your next project today!

What is GS-JJ?

GS-JJ is a division of EnamelPins Inc. The site focuses on…well…enamel pins. They’re also associated with other specialty sites like and

At, you will find a wide range of products, including custom patches, pins, and more. Other products that look fun are their ornaments, keychains, magnets, belt buckles, and of course stickers. But they have even more!

Design Process

Design your own, have GS-JJ do it for you, or a bit of both. For many of the products they offer, including patches and pins, they have an online platform where you can design and submit your own image.

Online design platform

GS-JJ did the design work on their end for the custom patches and pins they sent me, but I played around with the design software a bit so I could write about it.

It has some neat tools, templates, and even clip art images you can use. The system is in beta and I found it a little hard to navigate. Uploading and submitting a finished image seemed easy enough. But it wasn’t so easy to do anything more. In particular, I couldn’t figure out how to go back and edit one layer after I had already moved on to the next one.

Let GS-JJ design it for you

Once the design tool is finalized, it looks like it’s going to be really exciting. For now, I would likely draw or sketch my idea in another image editor, then upload it with notes and let the design team do the rest.

They did a great job with my logo designs and communicated well about the process. For example, they recommended that I cut the registered trademark symbol out of my logo because it wouldn’t come out well at the size of the pin, which is something I hadn’t thought about.

Either way, they will send a proof of the design when it’s ready.

Custom Patches

GS-JJ was kind enough to send me 20 “Scrappy Stitcher” custom patches. If you don’t know, Scrappy Stitchers is the Facebook group for Stitches n Scraps, and each group member is a Scrappy Stitcher.

GS-JJ Custom Patches - showing back of patch


Everything about the patches is customizable. The design is embroidered on fabric, and you can choose how much of the fabric is covered with embroidery (50%, 75%, or 100%). Allowing some fabric to show through can make for a more cost-effective design. You can also choose woven or printed patches.

Choose your patch size, or let GS-JJ help you decide, based on the complexity of the design. Then choose from several different backing options. You can even get hook and loop options for removable patches! Finally, there are options for the border of your patches, button loops, and how many colors you want to use.

The patches they sent me are 4 inches long and fully embroidered, with an iron-on backing.

Quantity and Pricing

There’s no minimum quantity, so technically you could order just one patch. However, there is a minimum charge, and the larger the quantity you order, the cheaper the unit pricing is. You can also get discounts for selecting longer shipping and processing times.

To get just 1 or 2 patches worked out a bit pricey, unless it’s something particularly special and unique. But the unit price dropped dramatically at a quantity of 20, and again at 50. The more you order, the cheaper they get! These calculations may vary depending on the product and options you choose.


If you have any kind of business, fun patches can be a great promotional item or even a product to sell. I plan to use a couple of these myself, and give the rest away in one form or another.

Custom patches are also a nice finishing touch for handmade items. If you sell your crafts, add a small patch to each item, with your store’s logo or another identifier.

Giving lots of holiday or baby gifts? Get patches that say “handmade with love” or “made by___”, or with fun designs that your recipients will love. Design a patch of your own, and put it on everything you make!

Custom Pins

I am trying very hard NOT to become an obsessive collector of enamel pins. Which is to say I’m infatuated with them and tend to grab them at every opportunity. Cute, funny, unique, I love them all!

GS-JJ Custom Pins

These ones that GS-JJ sent me are officially my favorites. My very own, custom enamel pins with my logo on them! I feel so very professional with these.


Once again these are fully customizable. Start by choosing if you want hard enamel, which is flat and polished, or soft enamel with raised/lowered areas. Then choose your size from the recommended options, or request a custom size.

Select your various finishes, including the type of metal and surface finishing options, and your number of colors. You can even add glitter! Finally, choose your type of pin or magnet backing, or turn your project into cufflinks. You can also add finishing touches like protective pouches or boxes, or card inserts.

The pins GS-JJ sent me are 1.5 inches, soft enamel, with a white metal finish and standard pin back. My logo is wide and short, making the overall pin surface pretty small for this design. I’m super impressed at the level of detail they were able to achieve at this size, particularly the yarn ball and hook.

Quantity and Pricing

Again there is a minimum charge, with better pricing for higher quantities, and discounts for longer shipping and processing times. Just like with the patches, the unit price dropped dramatically if I ordered 20, and again when I went to 50. These calculations may vary depending on the product and options you choose.


Enamel pins go everywhere, and most of the people I know love to collect them. Put them on hats, bags, belts, lanyards, or just about anything. I filled an embroidery hoop with some scrap (handwoven) fabric, and use that to display some of my pins.

Just like patches, the pins make great promotional items for businesses. But they’re also good for special events. Wear custom pins at your next family reunion, or give them to guests at a wedding or other celebration.

I haven’t quite decided yet how I plan to give my extra patches and pins away. They may be an added gift in orders from the yarn shop, or I’ll hand them out at a conference or trade show. Maybe I’ll save a few for the next time I contribute to a raffle basket. There are so many options!

Other Products

Aside from the custom pins and patches, one of the items that really intrigued me was their PVC patches. In the sample gallery, I saw several cute designs with holes in them so they could be used as keychains, luggage tags, or even zipper pull tags. With the ability to create custom shapes in PVC, there are a lot of options!

Screenshot from showing tulip keychain
Screenshot from

I also thought the custom ornaments looked really nice. They’re beautiful for all kinds of holidays or even as wall decor any time of year. Give them as gifts at a holiday party, or for a religious function, or send them to customers during the holidays as a promotional item.

Screenshot from showing snowman ornament
Screenshot from

Other products in their catalog include wristbands, buttons, lanyards, magnets, and lots more!

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