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I’ve long been a fan of Unicorn Clean products, so I was excited to see they had a booth at the TNNA trade show.  A few years ago, I told you all about their Fibre Wash, and Fibre Rinse products.  When I stopped by this time, they introduced me to their Unicorn Baby line: Beyond Clean, Beyond Fibre Wash, and Beyond Rinse.

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What’s the Difference?

The original Fibre Wash line was developed for washing wool for spinning, as well was washing handmade items. That’s what I’ve always used it for, and I really love the lavender scent.

The Unicorn Baby products are advertised for washing baby items, including cloth diapers. I thought it was a completely different product, but I was wrong. As it turns out, the Unicorn Baby products are exactly the same as the original Fibre Wash products, except that they are fragrance free.

The First Test – Steering Wheel Grime:

I drove home from the show, and on the long drive I realized that my steering wheel cover really needed to be washed. So I decided to make that my first test. Here’s the first soak in a few drops of Beyond Fibre Wash.

Fibre wash - Beyond Clean - Unicorn Clean product review on

And here’s what the water looked like after. Gross right? I couldn’t believe the amount of dirt it pulled out. It was dirtier than I thought!

Dirty wash water - Beyond Clean - Unicorn Clean product review on

I scrubbed at it a bit, soaked it a bit, emptied the water and repeated once more. After that 2nd wash, the water ran clear when I rinsed it, so I was ready to move on.  I squeezed out as much as I could, filled the sink again, this time with a few drops of Beyond Soft, and let it soak for a good 15 minute.

Beyond Soft - Unicorn Clean product review on

The Beyond Soft doesn’t need to be rinsed out. It’s like a leave-in hair conditioner for fiber. I just took it out of the sink, squeezed out the water, and let it dry. Here’s my fresh, clean, and so soft steering wheel cover. This cover is about 2 years old and I was thinking of replacing it, but now it’s like new!

steering wheel cover after - Unicorn Clean product review on

The 2nd Test – Greasy Taco Dip:

It wasn’t very long at all before a new opportunity arose. I got a stain in 2 places on one of my favorite t-shirts. Not just any stain, this was a cheesy, greasy, leftover taco dip stain.

Shirt before - Beyond Clean - Unicorn Clean product review on

I put a little Beyond Clean directly on the stain – I probably could have used half this much or even less, but it spilled a bit.

Beyond Clean - Unicorn Clean product review on

I let it soak in for a minute, rubbed it in gently, and then let it sit for another 5 minutes. Then I washed it out, washing the whole shirt in the process. I couldn’t really tell if it had worked, because the shirt was wet. So I crossed my fingers and let it dry. The next day – dry shirt, and no stain!

Shirt after - Beyond Clean - Unicorn Clean product review on

The 3rd Test – Barbeque Sauce

I didn’t get a picture of this one. We were out at a festival on the 4th of July and my hubby dripped bbq sauce on a shirt he really likes. As soon as we got home, I treated it with Beyond Clean, just like I had with my shirt, with the same result. He had a clean shirt, and I had a happy hubby.

Final Thoughts

The Unicorn Baby products don’t smell bad, or soapy. They actually have no real scent at all as far as I could tell. They work just as well as the original line, but I really missed the lavender scent.  Having a scent free option available is useful though, particularly for those of you who are more sensitive to fragrances.

Until now I’ve only used Unicorn Clean products for handmades, or for handspun yarn. I now see they are great for those little every day messes too, and will be using them on all my hand washables going forward. They can even be used in the washing machine, in place of regular detergent!

Try Them Both!

You can find the original Unicorn Fibre line and the unscented Unicorn Baby line on the Unicorn Clean website. They come in a variety of sizes, so you can try them all out and see what you like best.

Enter to win

Enter below to win a Fragrance Free Gift Set, generously provided by Unicorn Clean! The set contains 4 oz bottles of Beyond Clean, Beyond Fibre Wash, and Beyond Soft, plus an adorable unicorn plushie. To be eligible, you must be 18 years of age or older, with a valid, US shipping address.

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The winner will be contacted by email, and must reply to that email and provide the shipping address within 1 week in order to receive the prize. If the winner does not reply within 1 week, a new winner will be selected. The giveaway ends on August 6th, 2018 (at 11:59pm, central time). Hurry and enter below! 

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