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  1. I downloaded the pattern on ravelry, and you make reference to Fig.2, but there is no Fig. 2 photo. Can you please advise?
    Thank You.

    • I’m sorry, I meant to take that reference out when I took out the picture (I went with the photo tutorial on my blog instead). Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention, I will try to get it updated tonight. I have to redo the pattern anyway – some of the links are no longer valid since I moved my blog, and I plan to reformat it too. I just haven’t gotten to it yet. Meanwhile you can see the full tutorial here: What would have been figure 2 is the 3rd image on this page.


  2. Thank you for your quick response! Would you also happen to know the name of the yarn used for the hat in the pink, yellow, blue & greens? It’s so adorable!!

    Thanks again!

  3. I am attempting the 0-6 mo version with the 93 chain beginning… and it looks like it will be huge! Does that sound correct? Another pattern showed only using 54 chains for a 0-3 mo hat. If I try to scale your pattern down, is there a number I should keep in mind? A number that can be divided by 3, for example? I’m making this hat for an infant. Thanks!

    • ok, sorry for the delayed response! I’ve had a chance to look at the pattern now. A couple of thoughts/questions:

      Did you do a gauge swatch, and if so, did you get the correct gauge? if you did, the sizing should work out without changing the pattern.

      The hat is worked from back to front (not bottom up or top down), so the whole piece will actually be folded in half and the sewn together at the starting chain. with 92 stitches, you should be looking at about 12.25 inches, so when you fold it in half it’s just over 6 inches(before adding the bottom edging).

      If you’re getting a much different gauge and can’t fix that by changing hooks/yarn, then yes, you can adjust the stitch count. The crocodile stitch is worked in a multiple of 6, plus 5 stitches. There are 9 decreases in the last row of the hat, so the ribbing section is a multiple of 6, plus 5, plus the 9 decreases. You also need 1 extra chain for the turning chain on the first row. So your starting chain should basically be a multiple of 6 + 3. Hope that helps!

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