I was surprised to get a notification, after my last Tea Cozy Tuesday post went live, that I had just posted my 200th post. One day earlier, I had gotten a “Happy Anniversary” notification from WordPress too. I didn’t actually start writing for a little while after I had set up my account, but that still means I’m only about 2 months away from my true “blogiversary.” Where has the time gone?

A lot has changed since I started on this journey. I now have an active Ravelry account, a Facebook page, a logo, and my business cards just arrived!  Aren’t they lovely?

My new business cards

I feel like I’ve grown as a knitter/crocheter as well. I’ve learned lots of new techniques, tried a few new things that I never thought I would try, and, despite my best intentions, purchased lots of new yarn.

I couldn’t have done any of it without all of you – reading my posts, encouraging me and sharing your experiences on your own blogs so others, like me, could learn from them. Thank you!


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Gauge Demystified


I’ve learned this one the hard way quite a few times…maybe one of these times it will stick!

Originally posted on klever knits:

Don’t ask me why, but I hate gauge swatches, even though I have learned the hard way (more times than I care to admit) how important it is.

The Sterling Peplum pattern that became available yesterday was the last straw for me. As I had previously mentioned in a post while in Belize, I had to restart the top as it was much, much too big!  The original design concept was for it to be knit from the bottom up, completely seamless worked on circular needles.  But as I made headway on the peplum part, I quickly realized my math had led me astray.  (Turns out, my original gauge swatch was worked on with size 2 US needles, but I was now knitting the top on size 3 US!)

I quickly changed the design to be worked flat from the waist up, seamed, then have the peplum worked from the…

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Tea Cozy Tuesday – April – Week #3

This month we’re making the Daylily Tea Cosy for Mother’s Day by Jenny Stacey. I decided to make two cozies this month, and I’ve made good progress on my first one – the panels are done and blocking, so all that’s left is seaming and edging.

Red cozy pieces blocking

I realized right away that I was going to need one extra shade of yarn for the edge. I had only bought two colors for the petal instead of 3. I decided I didn’t want to buy a new skein for just one row. Luckily, I have lots of cream colored baby yarn in my stash, which coordinated quite well.

In the pattern, the designer said her teapot was a 2-cup pot, and included the approximate measurements. When I measured my pot, I found it was significantly bigger. I think mine may be a 4-cup pot. To adjust the pattern to be larger, I started with a larger hook (I, instead of G) and worked 1 extra row of each of the red colors.

I think it turned out pretty well, and I’m going to use the same modifications on the next one. I should note though, that the extra light red row meant that I had to make a choice about which row I marked as the right side. I chose to mark row 4 (the first row of the darker red color) as the right side, but really I think you could go either way as long as you’re consistent on both pieces.

How is your cozy coming along? Have you made any modifications? If you post about your progress anywhere, remember to leave the link below so we can all follow along.  There are 5 Tuesdays in this month, so we have an extra week to work on them. Tune in next week for another progress update!

If you haven’t already, please do check out the main Tea Cozy Tuesday page for the button, rules, and other useful links.

You can also visit the Ravelry group for tips and suggestions, and to follow everyone’s progress. You can view all the finished cozies on the Pinterest page. I will keep adding them as they are finished, so keep checking back for more! If you made one and I haven’t posted it there yet, please let me know (it may matter one day, you never can tell!)


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This blog is supposed to be about knitting, crochet, and scrapbooking, but you may have noticed that I haven’t written much about scrapbooking recently. Well ok…ever. The simple reason is I haven’t wanted to.

The scrapbook I’m working on now has been rather uninspiring. I’m embarrassingly behind, so I’m currently working on the album for our honeymoon…from 2008. Don’t get me wrong, it was a fabulous honeymoon and I’m enjoying reliving the memories, but scrapping it is proving to be overwhelming.

I saved absolutely everything from this trip. Napkins, placemats, ticket stubs, brochures…in many cases 2 copies of each. In addition, I have literally hundreds of photos, and 2 bags full of postcards in case my photos didn’t turn out well (which most of them didn’t). It’s great to have it all, but it’s a lot to sift through.

I had decided to do the entire album in pocket pages. I thought this would help me incorporate more pictures per page and get through the mound of memorabilia a bit faster. That has actually turned out to be true, but it’s making for somewhat boring pages.

Washi tape helps, and a few pages turned out ok, like this one:

Rockport scrapbook page

Or this one that I posted earlier:

Salem album page

But I’ve mostly fallen into a rut of even more picture heavy, photo album style pages like this one:

Boston Gardens page

These get a bit boring and make the album seem never-ending. I could of course ease up on the images and add more embellishment, but I can’t decide what to leave out.

I’ve also hit the point where I’m running out of pocket pages and am feeling limited by the layouts I have left. So the album sits, untouched for about a month now, as I fall further and further behind.

Maybe I’ll work on it tomorrow…

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Tea Cozy Tuesday – April – Week #2

This months’ cozy is the Daylily Tea Cosy for Mother’s Day by Jenny Stacey. I had a lot of trouble choosing a color for this beautiful flower…so I picked two!

Lisa Uni

The red shades are for a cozy for me, the yellow shades are for a 2nd cozy for someone special, and the green shades are for the leaves for both. The dark green looks a little blue in this picture, but it’s not really that blue. The best part? Thanks to a sale at my local yarn store, I got all this for just about $10!

Will you be crocheting along with us this month? What colors did you choose for your cozy?

Remember to visit the Ravelry group for tips and suggestions, and to follow everyone’s progress. You can also view all the finished cozies on the Pinterest page. I will keep adding them as they are finished, so keep checking back for more! If you made one and I haven’t posted it there yet, please let me know (it may matter one day, you never can tell!)

If you post about your cozy, please remember to link your post back to the main Tea Cozy Tuesday page or to this post so everyone can check it out! Alternately, you can add a link in the comments here or on the main page. If you haven’t already, please do check out the main Tea Cozy Tuesday page for the button, rules, and other useful links.

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April Showers Pattern Round-up

I rather like the rain in April. It’s particularly refreshing after a long, cold, snowy winter like this one was. In honor of April showers, here is a round-up of 6 rain related patterns:


April showers roundup

Water Cycle Socks by Tami Sheiffer:
For fans of rain, or science geeks, or both (like me), these may just be the perfect socks! This clever pattern displays the entire water cycle as rain falls, flows, evaporates, and falls again!

water cycle socks2


BabySouwester Rain Hat by Christine Grant:
Also available on Ravelry. This pattern reminds me of the hat that Paddington Bear wears. The perfect hat for a rainy day. There’s an adult version too!



Rainycloud by Anna Hrachovec:
Also available on Ravelry. This amigurumi cloud and dangling little raindrops would be so cute to hang over a baby’s crib! I love the little eyes on all the pieces too.

A quick shout out: this too-cute-for-words picture was taken by Tezzcan and here’s her project page for this project



One Round Cloud and Little Raindrops by Jennifer Dickerson:
Both are also available on Ravelry: One Round Cloud on Ravelry  and Little Raindrops on Ravelry. The free patterns use just a few stitches to make adorable, fluffy clouds and raindrops!



Rain Cloud Knit Dishcloth by DigKnitty Designs – Also available on Ravelry. This looks like a quick and easy knit. The designer has lots of other dishcloth patterns on her site as well. An assorted stack of them would make a lovely gift!

rain cloud

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links

I cheated on my yarn diet, but since it was (almost) purely in the interest of research, that’s not really cheating…right?

I promised myself that I would only buy new yarn if I had a specific project in mind to make with it, and I’ve been doing really well with that for the last 6 months or so. Then Craftsy had that 48 hour yarn sale last week, and this happened:


Cascade 220
Cascade Alpaca Lana D'Oro
Loop-d-Loop Quartz

To be fair, these were all heavily discounted and I really NEEDED them. The Cascade 220 is a yarn I’ve been wanting to try for a long time now. I’ve heard good things about it, and with the pricing and color selection available, I think it could become a go-to, everyday yarn for me. I’m also a sucker for heathers and earth tones.

The green one is Cascade Alpaca Lana D’Oro. I’ve never used an Alpaca yarn, and doesn’t every yarn crafter need to try Alpaca at some point? Besides, green is my favorite color and this is such a lovely shade of it. Also, it was such a big discount on this one it was practically free, so how could I turn it down? It feels very soft. I think I’m really going to enjoy working with it. It’s still on sale right now, and I’m doing all I can to resist buying more!

Then there is the Loop-d-Loop by Teva Durham Quartz. This one’s still on sale too, but I will admit, I got it just for fun – so I really shouldn’t get any more. It’s an interesting yarn with many different fiber types and a metallic thread in it. It’s so sparkly, while still being a somewhat muted, dusky shade of purple. I had to have it, and it’s even prettier in real life than it looked on line.

I have no idea what to make with these yet, but I’m sure the right projects will present themselves eventually. Meanwhile I can just enjoy petting and looking at them.

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