Wrap-Around Single Crochet Edging

Add a lovely finish to your crochet projects with a wrap-around single crochet edging! It all starts with a normal single crochet. Then a backward slip stitch twists the single crochet back over the edge and locks it in place, creating a decorative, wrapped edge that looks good on both sides!

Wrap-Around Single Crochet Edging tutorial

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Pattern Coming Soon!

I’m working on a new cowl pattern that uses this edging. Check back here next week for the link!

Wrap-Around Single Crochet

Join your edging yarn and chain 1 as you normally would to start working in single crochet.

Single Crochet – Make a single crochet as normal: Insert your hook as desired, yarn over and pull up a loop, yarn over and pull through 2 loops on your hook.

regular single crochet

Backward Slip Stitch – Next, insert your hook from back to front through exactly the same place as for the single crochet.

Insert hook backwards

Yarn over and pull that yarn through the fabric and through the loop on your hook, as for a slip stitch.

backward slip stitch

Chain 1 – Finish the stitch and return everything to the correct height and position by working a chain.

finished wrap around single crochet

Continue in this manner across your work!

A Note About Gauge

The wrap-around single crochet stitch is wider than a normal/basic stitch. If you work your stitches too close together, they will ruffle.

ruffling edge

When working into the tops or bottoms of stitches, you can skip a stitch every so often to spread things out more. I find that working 2 stitches and then skipping 1 works well for me. You may find a different ratio that works better for you.

You can also use a smaller hook and/or thinner yarn to tighten the gauge without skipping stitches.

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Wrap-Around Single Crochet Edging tutorial

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