Winter Whites Wreath

Dress up your doorway (or that bare spot on the wall…you know the one) with this crochet embroidery hoop wreath! It’s fast, easy, and all wrapped up with a big, chunky bow. Decorate it with pom poms, floral picks, or anything else you like!

Winter Whites crochet embroidery hoop wreath

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Cozy at Home Crochet Along

I designed this crochet embroidery hoop wreath for the CAL Central Cozy at Home CAL. See the full schedule of patterns and all the event details in the main CAL post. Then join in the fun and share your projects on the CAL Central Crochet Facebook group!

CAL Central Cozy at Home CAL Jan 8 - Mar 11, 2024

Yarn Choices

The pattern is written for 2 strands of worsted-weight yarn held together. You can substitute a single strand of chunky or super bulky yarn instead if you like, or you could hold more strands of a lighter yarn together.

I used some leftover yarn in two different shades of off-white. One is slightly more yellow than the other. Using similar but different shades adds a tonal quality to the finished wreath. You can also do it in 2 strands of the same color, or use completely different colors for a more variegated look. It’s a great way to play with different options!

Perfect Tails

The bow on top has a secret. A little hole allows the tails to cross through each other so that they lie perfectly flat! Once it’s finished, the wrap in the center hides the hole.

insert solid tail of bow through hole in opposite tail, adjust so both tails are even length.

Choosing Decorations

Weaving creates a large amount of “loom waste”. This is all the yarn between the beam where the yarn is tensioned and the weaving area where you can actually weave it. Throwing that away after every project just kills me. So instead, I make pom poms!

For my wreath, I chose some multi-colored pom poms made from the loom waste of this backpack project. You can choose any decorations you like for your wreath. Try buttons, beads, or other embellishments, or grab a few floral picks from the craft store and weave them into the ring. Anything goes!

Winter Whites Wreath

Project Level Easy

Yarn weight and project level images source:  Craft Yarn Council

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  • Yarn: Worsted weight yarn – 50 yds each of 2 different skeins/balls.
    Note: The 2 yarns will be held together throughout and can be the same color or different colors. Shown in 2 different shades of off-white / cream.
  • Hook: Size J / 6 mm hook or size needed to match gauge
  • Notions:
    • Scissors
    • Tapestry Needle
    • Pom Poms or other decorations as desired
    • Hot glue gun and glue (or other type of glue as desired)
    • 7″ diameter embroidery hoop
    • Optional: Cardboard to provide added support behind decorations.

Project Level

Easy: Basic stitches, crocheting around an embroidery hoop.


7.25″ diameter, not including bow.


10 dc x 5 rows = 4 inches. Exact gauge is not critical for this project.

Abbreviations used

This pattern uses US terms.

  • ch = chain
  • dc = double crochet
  • sc = single crochet
  • sk = skip
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • sp = space
  • st(s) = stitch(es)
  • yo = yarn over


Use 2 strands of yarn (1 strand from each ball/skein) held together throughout this pattern.

The pattern uses a fully assembled/tightened embroidery hoop with both layers. If you prefer, you can use just the inner layer.

Cover the Hoop

Insert your hook through the fully assembled hoop, just after the top screw, and pull up a loop.

Pull up loop around hoop

Working around the hoop, yarn over and pull through the loop on your hook.

Ch 1, *insert hook through the hoop, yo and pull a loop up and through the loop on your hook (sl st made), ch 1;

Repeat from * until hoop is completely covered around to the other end of the screw, fasten off. (Approximately 120 total sl sts and 120 chs)

Rotate stitches so the tops of the stitches are inside the hoop, Use tail to sew first and last sts together.

rotate stitches and sew ends together

Weave in ends.


Row 1: Ch 7, working in back bumps of chains, dc in 4th ch from hook (skipped chs count as first dc) and in each ch across. (5 dc)

Rows 2-8: Ch 3 (counts as dc throughout), turn, dc in next st and each st across.

Row 9: Ch 3, turn, dc in first st, dc in each st across to last st, 2 dc in last st. (7 dc)

Rows 10-12: Ch 3, turn, dc in next st and each st across.

Row 13: Ch 2 (does not count as a st throughout), turn, sk first st, dc in each st across to last st, sk last st. (5 dc)

Rows 14-16: Ch 3, turn, dc in next st and each st across.

Rows 17-21: Repeat rows 9-13

Row 22: Ch 6 (counts as dc and ch-3 sp), sk all sts to last st, dc in last st. (2 dc, 1 ch-3 sp)

Row 23: Ch 3, 4 dc in ch-3 sp, sk last st. (5 dc)

Rows 24-29: Ch 3, turn, dc in next st and each st across.

Fasten off. Weave in ends.

Bow before assembly


Form the Bow

Pull the solid end of the bow through the ch-sp on the other end, forming a loop, and adjust so that the two tails are even. Right and wrong sides are not particularly important in this, but if you like the look of it one way more than the other, do it that way.

insert solid tail of bow through hole in opposite tail, adjust so both tails are even length.

Lay the bow so that the tails are flat on the table, and push down on the top (loop) of the bow so that the narrowest part rests in the middle, on top of where the tails cross. The narrowest parts of each section of the bow should now all line up in the middle.

Bow folded flat

Cut a 16-inch piece of both yarns held together, and wrap it tightly around the center several times to form the bow. Pull the tails down at an angle and fluff out the loops.

Wrap center of bow

Once you are happy with the shape of the bow, weave in the ends, sewing them through the middle several times to hold everything firmly in place.

Hanging Loop

Cut a 12-inch piece of both yarns held together. Fold it in half, and tie a knot at the desired height of your loop. Pass the tails around the center of the screw (one in front, one in back) so that the knot rests on top of the screw. Tie the tails in another knot underneath the screw. Weave in remaining ends.

Tie hanging loop around hoop screw

Bow placement

Glue the center of the bow in place on top of the embroidery hoop screw, so that the screw is completely hidden. Glue the tails to the sides of the hoop as desired.

Attach bow to hoop


Glue pom poms or other decorations in place as desired.

Glue on decorations

Hold the wreath up by the hanging loop and see if the decorations stay in place. If they are too floppy or don’t stay in place, add the optional cardboard backing.

Optional Cardboard Backing

Trace around your decorations and the adjacent portion of the hoop on a piece of cardboard.

Trace decorations on cardboard

Cut this piece out and trim it as needed so that it overlaps the wreath, but doesn’t show behind the decorations.

Trim and attach cardboard

Glue this cardboard to the back of your decorations and to the back of the wreath to help stabilize the decorations.

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Winter Whites crochet embroidery hoop wreath

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