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Grafting Crochet end to end - Seamless Join
Have you ever wanted to invisibly join two pieces of crochet, end to end? Do you want to add length ...More
Sweethearts Ear Warmer Knitting Tutorial
The Sweethearts Ear Warmer will keep your ears warm and cozy, with a reversible, double knit, heart design. Learn how ...More
Slip stitch surface crochet over color changes
Do you like crisp, clean stripes? Want a smooth transition from one color to the next? Try working slip stitch ...More
Beaded Wall Hanging Tutorial on Stitches n Scraps
Add a touch of warmth to any room with this lovely, beaded wall hanging! The soft, flowing yarn is peppered ...More
Steampunk Cyanide - Crochet Blanket Square video tutorial on Stitches n Scraps
Steampunk Cyanide is a 12-inch square full of cogs, doodads, and other thingamajigs. This crochet blanket square video tutorial will ...More
Knit front and Back Increase (kfb) tutorial on Stitches n Scraps
The knit front and back (kfb) increase is one of the easiest to learn. It creates a visible bump, which ...More
How to Knit the 3 Needle Bind Off - Tutorial on Stitches n Scraps
Join 2 layers of knit fabric while binding off at the same time, and all without any sewing! The 3-needle ...More
How to read mosaic knitting charts
Mosaic knitting is a colorwork technique using only 1 color at a time. The charts for mosaic knitting are just ...More
How to Knit a Cord with the Clover Wonder Knitter tutorial and product review on Stitches n Scraps
Clover sent me their new Wonder Knitter to try out and review. Learn how to knit a cord with it ...More
How to Crochet the Flower Stitch
Learn how to crochet the flower stitch! Make 3-dimensional flowers that pop up off your fabric, and see some ways ...More