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Forward pass - Tunisian reverse stitch.
With it's thick, bumpy texture, Tunisian reverse stitch is a great tool to have in your crochet toolbox. This stitch ...More
Tunisian Knit Stitch Tutorial on Stitches n Scraps
Create the appearance of knitted stockinette stitch in crochet, with the Tunisian knit stitch! Once you've learned the Tunisian simple ...More
Tunisian Simple Stitch tutorial on Stitches n Scraps
Tunisian crochet is often described as a cross between regular crochet and knitting. This easy to learn technique can create ...More
Tunisian Crochet Foundation Row tutorial
Welcome to the world of Tunisian crochet! A cross between regular crochet and knitting, this technique can create unique textures ...More
Tips and Tricks for working with Long Starting Chains on Stitches n Scraps
Larger crochet projects, like blankets, often start with long starting chains. Large numbers of chains can be hard to keep ...More
Crochet swatches on a wood table, showing stitches worked into the front loop or back loop only.
Working in the front loop only or back loop only of a crochet stitch is a useful technique to know. ...More
How to Crochet Star Stitch Chevrons on Stitches n Scraps
If you like the rich texture of crochet star stitches and the bold, zig-zag lines of chevrons, bring them together ...More
3 ways to weave in ends in crochet on Stitches n Scraps
How do you secure your yarn ends when you are done crocheting? Knots can leave unsightly bumps, so weaving in ...More
I know a lot of knitters and crocheters cringe at the words "gauge" and "swatching". But working up a gauge ...More
rochet Romanian Cord Tutorial on Stitches n Scraps
The Romanian cord is a flat cord with a striking texture that is the same on both sides. It's a ...More