Tea Cozy Tuesday – January – Week 2

I’m absolutely amazed by the response to the Tea Cozy Tuesday Make Along! Are you ready to get started on the first pattern? Here are some January pattern tips.

Tea Cozy Tuesday Make Along

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For the January tea cozy, I’m using Carron Simply Soft yarn in “bone” and I found these great toggle buttons to go with it:

toggle buttons

I planned to use stash yarn, but had trouble matching the gauge. So I tried this yarn instead, and also went down a needle size. Here’s the beginning of the back panel – this is the bottom ribbing section:

back ribbing

I’ve actually finished the back now, and will have progress pictures for you next week.

January Pattern Tips

This first pattern is turning out to be a somewhat qualified success. It’s a very cute design and we’ve already seen a couple of pretty FOs, but the pattern has a few mistakes and is hard to read / understand in a few places.

First increase row

People have been having particular difficulty with first increase row. The instructions are correct, but with all the repeats, they’re not easy to understand. I drew this illustration (halfway between a chart and a written pattern) to help show how the increases relate to the existing ribbing:

text - chart hybrid showing the first increase row.

Turtle2373 and Bartlebean were kind enough to write out this row explicitly (without any brackets or repeats) on the ravelry group:

K2, P1, M1P, P2, M1P, P1, M1P, K1, M1P, K1, P1, M1P, P2, M1P, P1, M1P, K1, M1P, K1, P1, M1P, P2, M1P, P1, K2, P1, M1P, P2, M1P, P1, M1P, K1, M1P, K1, P1, M1P, P2, M1P, P1, K2.

For those of you just starting, stick with it – it really does turn out cute!

Share your Progress

Have you started your January pattern yet? Share the pictures with the hashtag #Tea_Cozy_Tuesday.

Visit the main Tea Cozy Tuesday post for more information on how to join in the fun!

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