Starry Skies Scarf Crochet Tutorial

The Starry Skies scarf is a perfect transitional accessory for spring or fall. The lacy, diamond design is open and lightweight, and the pattern includes 3 different size options. Learn how to make it as a cowl, infinity scarf, or full-length scarf, in this step-by-step crochet tutorial. Get the free written pattern, and follow along!

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Starry Skies Scarf crochet pattern

This scarf crochet tutorial goes along with the Starry Skies written pattern. You may find it helpful to reference the pattern as you watch the video.

Starry Skies Scarf, cowl or infinity scarf - free crochet pattern on Stitches n Scraps

The pattern includes all the charts shown in the video, plus written instructions for each row, stitch and repeat counts, notes, and other pattern details.

Starry Skies Scarf video tutorial

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Want to jump to a specific section? Click on the timestamp below to be taken to that spot in the video! These links open on YouTube, in a new window or tab.

  • 00:19 Stitch counts and repeats
  • 01:52 Main section – Row 1
  • 03:32 Main section – Row 2
  • 08:06 Main section – Row 3
  • 09:31 Main section – Row 4
  • 12:24 Main section – Row 5
  • 14:14 Chainless starting double crochet option
  • 17:03 Main section repeats
  • 17:29 Joining row for cowl or infinity scarf
  • 26:00 Scarf edging

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Starry Skies Scarf, cowl or infinity scarf - free crochet pattern on Stitches n Scraps

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