Mosaic Sampler Blanket Mystery Knit Along

Learn the basics of mosaic knitting, with the Mosaic Sampler Blanket Mystery Knit along! Follow step-by-step tutorials for each of the 6 sections to create your own mosaic masterpiece. Connect with others to share your progress and tips. Plus, there’s a giveaway too!

Mosaic Sampler Blanket MKAL on Stitches n Scraps

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Did You Say Giveaway?

I did! Enter for a chance to win a fabulous prize from our sponsor, Lion Brand Yarn! Scroll down for the entry form and giveaway details.

Mosaic Sampler Blanket

Mosaic knitting is one of those techniques that looks intimidating, but is actually super easy! With the magic of slipped stitches, you can create intricate colorwork designs, while only working with one color at a time.

stairstep mosaic texture

This stunning blanket is made up of 6 different mosaic knitting patterns. We’ll start with a basic stair-step and work our way up to more complicated designs. Each of the patterns uses a 12 stitch repeat, so it’s easy to change the size of your blanket. The pattern will include instructions for baby, lapghan, and afghan sizes.

Mosaic Sampler Blanket Mystery Knit Along

The blanket pattern will be released in 6 sections. You already know the first section will be a stairstep design. The design for each future section will be a mystery until it’s released, which is what makes this a mystery knit along (mkal). You won’t know how the whole blanket will look until it’s finished.

Every time a new section is released, I will update the pattern post to add the new section. That way, you will always go to the same pattern post for the new sections, and once the KAL is finished the entire pattern will be all in one place.

Date (2021) Pattern Section
June 29thSection 1 – Stair Steps
July 27thSection 2 – Swiss Cross
August 24thSection 3 – Dotty Diamonds
September 21stSection 4 – Square Tiles
October 19thSection 5 – Flower Garden
November 16thSection 6 – Mosaic Chevrons

The pace is purposely set up to be slow, with 4 weeks between each section. This way everyone can follow along, regardless of what size blanket they are making. It also allows plenty of time for tutorials, hints, and help along the way. By the end of the year, you’ll have a blanket perfect for holiday gifting!

How to participate

Here are the ways you can join in the fun:

  1. Stay in the know Subscribe to the Stitches n Scraps Newsletter for email updates and reminders, including updates on the MKAL.
  2. Join in the community – Chat with others about the blanket on the Scrappy Stitchers Facebook group.
  3. Tell your friends – The more the merrier, so spread the word!
  4. Make the blanket – Knit along with each section to have a beautiful blanket by the end of the year!
  5. Share your progress – Finished projects and/or works in progress, share all your pictures of your sweater with the group!
  6. Use the Hashtag – Whenever you post about the KAL, use the hashtag #MosaicSamplerMKAL so we can easily find your posts. You can also search that hashtag on social media to see what others are posting.
  7. Enter the Giveaway – See below for the giveaway entry forms and details!
  8. Support Our Sponsor – Sponsors make events like this possible, and the prizes make it more fun! Please be sure to visit our sponsor, Lion Brand, and show them some love.

Mosaic Sampler Blanket Knit Along Supplies

Lion Brand Basic Stitch Anti-Pilling Yarn

Lion Brand provided the Basic Stitch Anti-Pilling Yarn for this design. You will need 6 colors for the blanket. I’ll be using #135 Adobe, #404 Silver Heather, #132 Olive, #158 Mustard, #109 Steel Blue, and #122 Hazelnut, in that order.

Color choices for mosaic blanket

We’ll be using 2 colors in each section, and switching them out one at a time. So section 1 will be in colors A & B. Section 2 will be in colors B & C, and so forth. The mosaic designs will show most clearly if you have some contrast, so I suggest alternating between darker and lighter color choices.

Depending on the size blanket you are making, here is how much of each color you will need.

SizeDimensions (inches)# of skeins each, of 6 colors. Total Yardage
Baby30 x 301 each900 – 1000
Lapghan36 x 482 each1750 – 1900
Afghan52 x 603 each (might be close) 3100 – 3300

Knitting Needles

We will be knitting flat across the width of the blanket. This means you will need circular needles with a cord long enough to hold all your stitches. I’m using a 32 inch set, which should be fine for either of the two smaller sizes. You will likely need at least 40 inches to comfortably fit the large size. If you use interchangeable needles, you can usually connect 2 of the cords together to create a longer cord.

Connecting cables on interchangeable needles


The gauge for the pattern is 15 sts x 9 rows in 4 inches in garter stitch. Use 5mm needles, or whatever size you need to match that gauge. I highly recommend making a gauge swatch, particularly for the baby size. You may find yourself running out of yarn if your gauge is too big.

Stitch Markers

You don’t strictly need stitch markers for this pattern. However, you may find them helpful to mark the pattern repeats. While some of the patterns have shorter repeats (like 4 or 6), each is charted with a repeat of 12 stitches for consistency. If you marked every 12 stitches, not counting the edges, you would need 10, 12, or 17 markers, depending on the size you choose.

stitch markers

Enter the Giveaway

Knit alongs are always more fun with a giveaway, and Lion Brand is sponsoring an awesome prize for this one!


One lucky winner will win 6 skeins of Basic Stitch Anti Pilling yarn! That’s enough to make the baby-size blanket. The winner will be selected after the KAL ends and can choose their colors from the in-stock colors at that time.

Basic Stitch Anti Pilling


To be eligible, you must be 18 years of age or older, with a valid, US shipping address. The winner will be contacted by email, and must reply to that email and provide their shipping address within 1 week in order to receive the prize. If the winner does not reply within 1 week, a new winner will be selected. The giveaway ends on November 30th, 2021 (at 11:59pm, central time). Enter below!

This giveaway is powered by Rafflecopter, and they may ask for some log-in information if you are not already logged in. See the Rafflecopter privacy policy for more information. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Mosaic Sampler Blanket MKAL on Stitches n Scraps

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  • Julie Castle

    I’m working on a shawl in mosaic right now. I love it. But what about using self striping or variegated yarn in mosaic work?

    • Pia Thadani

      You absolutely can! You just want to be sure that there’s a lot of contrast between the two yarns, either in tone or color. So like a self striping yarn in blues and greens, paired with a self striping yarn in reds and oranges would probably work well. My favorite is a combination of a self striping yarn and a contrasting solid color.

  • Jan

    My favorite Lion Brand yarn WAS Cupcake, but Mandala comes in a very close second. I’ve done mosaic knitting before, and love it! And I’d make the blanket either for charity or my new great niece!

  • Kathy Jenks

    I do just a little knitting, I crochet. But this has my interest, think I might try the baby blanket, just hope that the kneedles are not to small for me.

    • Pia Thadani

      You can use whatever Needles you are comfortable with for worsted weight yarn 🙂 if your gauge is much larger or smaller, it just might change the size and the amount of yarn you need

  • Verna

    I don’t know how to knit, but I’ve tried unsuccessfully a couple times this year. I have a third technique I want to try and hopefully I can ‘get it’ then. It’s holding the yarn and needles that’s the difficulty for me, not the stitches. I think if I could learn knitting, I might like it more than crochet. I’ve done mosaic crochet so I’m sure in knitting it’s the same concept?.

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