I was surprised to get a notification, after my last Tea Cozy Tuesday post went live, that I had just posted my 200th post. One day earlier, I had gotten a “Happy Anniversary” notification from WordPress too. I didn’t actually start writing for a little while after I had set up my account, but that still means I’m only about 2 months away from my true “blogiversary.” Where has the time gone?

A lot has changed since I started on this journey. I now have an active Ravelry account, a Facebook page, a logo, and my business cards just arrived!  Aren’t they lovely?

My new business cards

I feel like I’ve grown as a knitter/crocheter as well. I’ve learned lots of new techniques, tried a few new things that I never thought I would try, and, despite my best intentions, purchased lots of new yarn.

I couldn’t have done any of it without all of you – reading my posts, encouraging me and sharing your experiences on your own blogs so others, like me, could learn from them. Thank you!


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