Knitting on the train

I went to a baby shower in the city yesterday (my knitted hippo found his new home). The venue was beautiful, and was right on the river.

view from baby shower venue


The idea of driving in the city terrifies me though, so I decided to take the train. That turned out to be a GREAT decision. Normally on my “day off” I run around like a crazy person trying to do all the million tasks that are lined up in my head. But sitting on the train, I was forced to just sit and relax for an hour each way. I knit on my socks, which I never get to knit on anymore, because they were the easiest take-along project. I got all the way through the foot and am now ready to put in the waste yarn for the afterthought heel.

Knitting on the train

2 hours of knitting on the train (1 hour each way) was totally relaxing. The Peter Rabbit themed baby shower was super cute, and it was fun to spend time with friends I don’t see often.

peter rabbit centerpiece  place setting

I think I was more relaxed too, knowing I didn’t have to worry about the drive. Overall just a really good day, and I’m very glad I took the train.

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