How to Crochet into the Back Bump of a Chain

There are several different ways to crochet into a chain, and all produce different results. My favorite for creating a nice, finished looking bottom edge is to crochet into the back bump.

How to Crochet into the Back Bump of a Chain

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Where is the Back Bump?

Each chain is made up of three separate strands of yarn.  From the front, you can see the two strands you are most familiar with. The top loop and bottom loop make up that “V” shape we all know and love.

Top and bottom loops at the front of the chain

If you flip the chain around to the back though, you will see a third, hidden loop. This is the back bump.

Back bump location

Most people first learn to crochet by working into the top loop or into the top loop and back bump together, because it is relatively easy.

Why Crochet into the Back Bump?

Crocheting into just the back bump leaves that V shape in the front completely undisturbed. So when you finish your row, that V still shows on the bottom of your work.

Bottom of chain with V shapes showing

Since most stitches have the same V shapes on the top, the bottom edge matches the top edge nicely. This means you can leave the bottom edge as-is and it will still look finished, without the need to work an edging.

Top of row with V shapes showing

How to Crochet into the Back Bump

To create this nice edge, work your stitches under the back bump of the chain. Instead of inserting your hook where you normally would to work your stitch, put it just under this back bump instead.

Working into the back bump

You can use this technique with almost any stitch you want to start with. Try it out on my Sheet Metal Scarf pattern!

How to Crochet into the Back Bump Video Tutorial:

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