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Take in a lakefront stroll with the Edgewater bag. This roomy, felted purse is equally at home on the beach, at the office, or just about anywhere else. The simple stitches and felted texture are a great way to highlight your favorite color-changing yarn. Felting also makes a strong, dense fabric, so that no lining is necessary.

Edgewater - A free crochet pattern on Stitches n Scraps

Sample is shown in a handspun yarn. Watch the transition from fiber to finished object in this video! 

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  • 300 yds worsted weight, feltable (wool) yarn.
  • Size H / 5mm hook, or size needed to obtain gauge
  • Yarn needle
  • Stitch marker
  • 1 – 1.5 inch button
  • Two, 1 inch D rings
    (Photos show circular key rings because it’s what I had handy. Circular rings are ok, but D rings are better). 
  • Purse strap that can clip onto the D rings


Skill Level:

Easy- Basic stitches, worked in the round, with minimal shaping.


Approximately 11 inches x 13 inches before felting, and 9.5 inches x 11 inches after felting. Finished measurements may vary depending on fiber used and how aggressively you felt it.


14 dc x 12 rows = 4″ before felting. Exact gauge is not critical. I recommend felting your swatch so you can see how much it will shrink when felted, and adjust your gauge accordingly if needed. My swatch shrunk about 15% in both height and width. If yours shrinks more, you may want to start with a looser gauge. If it shrinks less, you may want to start with a tighter gauge.

Abbreviations used:

(Pattern is written in US terms)

  • ch = chain
  • hdc = half double crochet
  • hdc2tog = half double crochet 2 stitches together.
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • st(s) = stitch(es)
  • sp(s) = space(s)
  • ch sp = chain space
  • rnd = round
  • RS = right side
  • WS = wrong side

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Ch 41

Rnd 1 (WS): hdc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across, ch 1, rotate to work across bottom of ch, hdc in bottom of each ch across, ch 1, join with sl st to first st. (80 hdc)

Rnds 2-3: Turn, sl st in ch sp, ch 1, hdc in ch sp, hdc in each st around to next ch sp, (hdc, ch 1, hdc) in ch sp, hdc in each st around to beginning ch sp, hdc in beginning ch sp, ch 1, join with sl st to first st. (88 hdc)

Rnd 4 (RS): Turn, sl st in ch sp, ch 1, hdc in ch sp, hdc in each st across to next ch sp, hdc in ch sp, hdc in each st around, join with sl st to first st. (90 hdc).

Mark the first st of Rnd 4 and do not move that marker with each round.

Rnd 5 (RS): Do not turn, ch 1, hdc in each st around, do not join.

Continue working hdc in each st around, in continuous rounds (without joining or turning), until work measures approximately 11 inches tall. This should be about 29 more rounds. Continue until your last hdc lines up directly above the marker from Rnd 4, then  sc in next st, sl st in next st. Do not fasten off.


Row 1 (WS): Ch 2, turn, sk sl st, hdc2tog, hdc in next 43 sts, hdc2tog, leave remaining sts unworked. (45 sts)

Rows 2-5: Ch 2, turn, sk first st, hdc in each st across. (41 sts)

Lay work flat and check that flap is lining up centered on the bag. If it is not, you may have to rip back and adjust where you ended the last rnd of the bag. Once you are sure everything is lined up, you can remove the marker from rnd 4 of the bag.

Rows 6-21: Ch 2, turn, sk first st, hdc across to last 2 sts, hdc2tog (9 sts)

Row 22: Ch 1, turn, sk first st, hdc in next 2 sts, ch 3 (buttonhole), sk next 3 sts, hdc in next st, hdc2tog. (4 sts)

Row 23: Ch 1, turn, sk first st, hdc in next st, hdc in each of next 3 chs, hdc dec. (5 sts)

Row 24: Ch 1, turn, sk first st, hdc in next 2 sts, hdc dec, fasten off.  (3 sts)

Tab (make 2):

Note: Ch 3 at the beginning of a row counts as a double crochet

Ch 7

Row 1: dc in 4th ch from hook and in each ch across. (5 sts)

Rows 2-5: Ch 3, turn, dc in next 4 sts, fasten off.


Weave in all ends.

Fold one tab in half around flat edge of a D ring. Sew folded tab securely into place at side edge of bag, near the top.  Sew back and forth a few times to create a very strong seam. Repeat for 2nd tab.

Note: Picture shows circular rings, which are OK, but D rings are better. 

sew on tabs - Edgewater - A free crochet pattern on Stitches n Scraps

Felt / full your bag: Wash in very hot water with soap and plenty of agitation, then rinse in cold water. Repeat until desired level of felting is achieved. Lay flat to dry.

Sew button into place on front of bag so that it lines up with button hole.

Attach purse strap to D rings.




I hope you enjoy making this pattern. Big thanks to MixedKreations for tech editing it!

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