Free Pattern – Caterpillar Scrubby Set

Quick and easy mini scrubbies combine to form this cute caterpillar, perfect for gifting! Each scrubby takes only a few minutes to make and has a convenient finger strap, which also adds body to the caterpillar. These little pads have loads of scrubbing power, and dry quickly too.

Caterpillar Scrubby Set - A free crochet pattern on


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These scrubbies are made with two types of Red Heart Scrubby yarns, which I received free from Red Heart for this design. I used Scrubby Sparkle for the yellow scrubbies, and regular Scrubby for the green scrubbies. There are so many fun color combinations to try!

The regular scrubby yarn is great in the kitchen or as an exfoliating bath scrubber. The sparkle version is shiny and fun – I feel like it’s a little rougher and would be great for those really tough scouring jobs.

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Caterpillar Scrubby Set

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Intermediate – The pattern itself is easy, but when working with yarn of this type, it’s more difficult to see your stitches.


About 6-8 inches long when complete. Size will vary depending on your gauge and how many scrubber pads you make.


14 sc x 13 rows = 4 inches. Gauge is not particularly important for this pattern. Use a hook that gives you a texture / stiffness that you like for the scrubbies. If you’re using both Scrubby and Scrubby Sparkle, you may even want to use different hooks for each.

Abbreviations used:

  • ch = chain
  • sc = single crochet
  • hdc = half double crochet
  • dc = double crochet
  • dc2tog = double crochet next 2 stitches together
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • st(s) = stitch(es)
  • sp(s) = space(s)
  • rnd = round
  • RS = right side

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  • Starting ch 3 counts as first dc throughout
  • Join rounds with slip stitch into first stitch of round, unless otherwise indicated.
  • Do NOT turn unless specifically indicated.


Scrubbie (Make 6-8 as desired):

Rnd 1 (WS): Ch 4, 11 dc in 4th ch from hook, join. (12 dc)

Rnd 2: Ch 3, dc in first st, 2 dc in each st around (24 dc)

Rnd 3:

  • Ch 1, sc in first 12 sts
  • Make strap:
    • Ch 10. Flip your work over so that chain is lying across right side of fabric, sl st in first st of round.

      Starting Strap - Caterpillar Scrubby Set - A free crochet pattern on

    • Ch 1, turn, hdc in each of the 10 chs just made
      Finish Strap - Caterpillar Scrubby Set - A free crochet pattern on
    • Flip your fabric back over so you’re working on the wrong side again.
      Continue Round 3 - Caterpillar Scrubby Set - A free crochet pattern on
  • Continuing around:
    • Sc in remaining 12 sts from rnd 2, sl st in side of strap,Slip stitch in strap - Caterpillar Scrubby Set - A free crochet pattern on
    • Join to first sc of round. (24 sc around, 10 hdc on strap)Round 3, WS - Caterpillar Scrubby Set - A free crochet pattern on Round 3, RS - Caterpillar Scrubby Set - A free crochet pattern on

Sew in starting tail (you won’t be able to get to it later)

Rnd 4: Ch 1 (does not count as a stitch), ignoring strap, sk first st, dc in next st, dc2tog 11 times, join. (12 sts)

Rnd 5: Ch 2, sk first st, dc in next st, dc2tog 5 times, fasten off. (6 sts).

Use tails to sew holes closed, then weave in the ends.

  • Slide scrubbies onto a pipe cleaner in desired order, making sure that the scrubbies on the ends have their straps facing the scrubby next to them (you shouldn’t see any straps). Leave about 2 inches of pipe cleaner unused at the back end.

String scrubbies onto pipe cleaner - Caterpillar Scrubby Set - A free crochet pattern on

  • Fold over one end of pipe cleaner (back of caterpillar) and tuck it inside to secure.

Fold over end - Caterpillar Scrubby Set - A free crochet pattern on

  • Trim other end of pipe cleaner to about 2 inches, and fold it over in the same way. Try to get it as tight as possible, but don’t worry if there’s a little give – That will allow for more shaping.
  • Cut a 5 inch piece of pipe cleaner. Insert it through top of front scrubby and curl ends around a pencil to form antennae

Antennae - Caterpillar Scrubby Set - A free crochet pattern on

  • Cut two 2 inch pieces of pipe cleaner for the eyes. On each piece, roll one end around an embroidery needle as shown, leaving a small, uncurled bit at the end. Attach eyes to front scrubby by inserting the straight end.

Making eyes - Caterpillar Scrubby Set - A free crochet pattern on

  • Optional: Cut 3-inch pieces of pipe cleaner for legs, thread them through the bottoms of the scrubbies, and shape into feet. Be sure to fold over any sharp ends.


Making legs - Caterpillar Scrubby Set - A free crochet pattern on

  • To remove scrubbies for use, pull out back end of pipe cleaner, and slide them off from the back. Remove any pipe cleaner pieces before using scrubby.


I hope you enjoy the pattern. Special thanks to Red Heart for providing the fun yarn!

A downloadable pdf of this pattern is also available in my Craftsy store or on Ravelry, for a $1 fee. The fee for the pdf format is to offset the advertising revenue lost when you print or download the pattern rather than viewing it online.

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  • Anna Banana

    Scrubbies are also great for cleaning the shower. I love this caterpillar and a bunch of your ideas. Christmas is coming!

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