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Halloween Ghost Ornament - Free knitting pattern on Stitches n Scraps
Hang this adorable Halloween ghost ornament anywhere you need a little more holiday spirit! With a pretty beaded edge, they're ...More
Lucky Hearts Coaster - Free double knitting pattern on Stitches n Scraps
Create a reversible, 2-color design with double knitting! With two layers of fabric, this double knit coaster is thick and ...More
Fabulous Floats Slip Stitch Knit Washcloth knit pattern on Stitches n Scraps
Show off your floats! This slip stitch knit washcloth takes advantage of the carried strands of yarn (or floats) to ...More
A finger knit snow blanket, with some holiday decorations on top of it. Text - Finger Knit Snow Blanket - Free Pattern on Stitches n Scraps
Show off your holiday decor on a finger knit snow blanket! Twisted stitches create a puffy, snowy texture that's a ...More
Taupe and green pillow, showing front and back - Unbiased Pillow on StitchesnScraps
This seemingly simple, striped pillow has a secret - it's knit on the bias! Knit diagonal stripes, then seam them ...More
A fuzzy, finger knit basket in bright blue and green, on a wood floor next to a beige wall, brown couch, and red rug. Basket is filled with skeins of yarn. Finger Knit Basket - Pattern on Stitches n Scraps
Learn how to knit without needles! This bright, finger knit basket pattern is fast and easy to make. It stands ...More
Latvian Braid - Knitted Kitchen #46 -
The Latvian Braid stitch is a variant of fair isle / stranded colorwork, alternating between 2 colors. Raised "braids" are ...More
Bubble Stitch - Knitted Kitchen #41 -
Not to be confused with bobbles, this soft and puffy textured stitch creates raised “bubbles” all over the fabric. It ...More
Simple Cables - Knitted Kitchen #38 -
If you've never tried cables, this pattern is a great introduction. They look much more intimidating than they really are! ...More
Star Stitch washcloth -
The Star Stitch washcloth is pattern #33 in the 2017 Knitted Kitchen Blog Hop. The striking texture is not only ...More