Crochet Flower Circle Tutorial for the Cherry Blossom Beret

Learn how to make the crochet flower circle at the top of the Cherry Blossom Beret. Follow along with the free written pattern here! Use this pretty flower as the start of the beret, or as a stand-alone circle pattern.

Crochet Flower Circle Tutorial for the Cherry Blossom Beret

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Get the written pattern

This video tutorial is designed to be used along with the Cherry Blossom Beret written pattern and chart. You will find stitch counts for each round, as well as notes and other pattern details in the written version.

Cherry Blossom Beret - Free crochet pattern on Stitches n Scraps

Featured in this video – Cherry Blossom Sock Yarn from Global Backyard Industries

Global Backyard Industries provided the pretty Cherry Blossom Sock Yarn for this pattern. It’s a squishy and strong blend of extrafine superwash merino wool and nylon. The hand-dyed colorway has varying shades of pink for a lovely tonal effect.

Cherry Blossom Sock Yarn from Global Backyard Industries

Blocking is essential!

As with any lace design, blocking is an essential step. It relaxes the yarn, allowing the chain spaces to open up and spread out.

The crochet flower circle looks rumpled before blocking

Without blocking, the circle may look smaller and ruffled, but once it is blocked it will grow a bit and will lay flat.

Where will you use it?

This lacy crochet flower circle doesn’t have to be the start of a beret. It’s a perfectly beautiful circle to use all on its own. Use it as a doily, a decorative wall hanging, or anywhere else you might want a crochet circle.

Corrected Chart

The video follows along with a stitch chart. You can get the chart in the Cherry Blossom Beret Pattern.

When I got close to the end of the video, I realized that the chart I used had a minor mistake in the last round. It still would have worked, but wouldn’t have matched the written instructions exactly. You’ll see a section in the video where I explain this mistake and swap out the corrected chart.

The mistake did not affect any instructions in the video, and the pattern has the correct chart. The only reason I even included the explanation at all is that a keen eye might notice the mistake in the background on parts of the video.

Crochet flower circle video tutorial

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