Basic Bind-off – How to Bind Off Knitting

Learn to knit the basic bind-off! Also called the knit bind-off, this beginner-friendly technique is an easy way to finish your knitting. Pulling each stitch through the one before it secures your stitches and gives your knitting a smooth, finished edge.

Basic Knit Bind-Off Tutorial

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Learn to Knit

Before you can bind off, you first need some stitches on your needle. Here are some tutorials to get you started.

Knitted cast on

When I’m teaching in person, this is the cast-on method I usually use. It uses a slight variation of the knit stitch to add more stitches to your needle. Since it’s so similar, it’s a great introduction to the knit stitch itself. Learn the knitted cast-on in this tutorial.

Knitted Cast On Tutorial on Stitches n Scraps

The knit stitch

The swatch I used in this video is just a few rows of knit stitches. Knitting every row, back and forth, makes a bumpy pattern called garter stitch. Learn the knit stitch in this tutorial.

Knit Stitch Tutorial - English and Continental, Right Handed and Left Handed

Basic Bind-Off

Scroll down for the video tutorial.

Any Knitting Style

The images in this tutorial all show right-handed, English-style knitting. But this bind-off works the same way for every style of knitting I can think of, whether you are left or right-handed.

First 2 stitches

Knit the first 2 stitches however you normally would knit. You should now have 2 stitches on your working needle.

Knit first 2 stitches

Using the tip of the other needle, pull the first stitch up and over the 2nd stitch, and off the needle.

Bind off first stitch

You now should only have one stitch on your working needle. The stitch on your needle is now coming up through the one before it, securing it in place.

First stitch bound off

Remaining Stitches

Knit the next stitch. You now again have 2 stitches on your working needle. As before, pull the previous stitch up and over the current stitch and off the needle.

Bind off 2nd stitch

Repeat this process for each stitch across, until you are left with only one stitch on your working needle, and your other needle is empty. It’s easy to make this bind off too tight, so be sure to keep your tension fairly loose as you go.

Fasten off

Cut your yarn, leaving a 4-6 inch tail to weave in later. Pull up on your working needle, so that the one remaining stitch gets bigger, until the tail eventually comes all the way out.

Fasten off

Your basic bind-off is complete! You should now have a smooth row of “V” shapes along the top edge of your work.

Finished basic bind off

Basic Bind-Off video tutorial

Watch this video on YouTube

Try it out!

With this technique, you can now finish and secure your knitting projects! Combine the basic bind-off with the knitted cast-on and the knit stitch to make this beginner Garter Stitch Headband pattern.

Super Simple Garter Stitch Headband - Learn to Knit!

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Basic Knit Bind-Off Tutorial

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