A weekend retreat

This weekend, I’m going on a retreat. A crochet retreat, to be specific, just an hour and a half from home. It sort of snuck up on me, and now it’s almost here. 3 days of yarn, friends, and crochet classes – taught by Dora Ohrenstein! Yes, THE Dora Ohrenstein! Exciting, right? It’s all through my local crochet guild chapter.

Everyone is bringing snacks to share. Here’s my contribution, because some of those snacks NEED to be chocolate, right? Not quite sure how the fruit snacks made it in there….

snacks for a weekend retreat

We also each need to bring four 5 inch squares as “homework” for one of our classes. I could have done plain granny squares, but that’s a little dull. Here’s what I came up with instead.

5 inch squares "homework"

I’ll write up the patterns for you when I get back. I can’t wait to see what we’re going to do with them!




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