A nice surprise

Yesterday, a friend surprised me with a huge bag full of old craft supplies – the kind of treasures that get dug out of a basement where they had been forgotten for many years. When I opened the bag, I found lots of goodies! Of course there was yarn:

yarn from a friend

It is all Red Heart Super Saver, which for many years made up almost my entire stash. However, recently I’ve been working on using up all my economy yarns in the hopes of developing a smaller but more luxurious stash. My blankets for the Jake’s Blankie CAL and Moogly’s Afghan CAL were my last big push in that direction. As it turns out though, I had used up too much too fast and was actually in danger of running out before finishing my blanket! This yarn will be just perfect to finish the job, so really it couldn’t have come at a better time.

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There was also a lot of thread and a couple of needlework books:

thread from a friend  books

I don’t do a lot of thread work, and already have more than I need. This thread is of a finer gauge than I tend to work with, but I think it’s just what my mom likes to use for tatting. I think she might like the books too, as she was talking just the other day about doing some plastic canvas stuff. I’m excited to give her this big stash on Monday! There are lots of lovely colors and a couple of different types of thread, which I think will last her a good long while.

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The bag also had a few vintage patterns that I’m keeping, including a pretty bed doll pattern which I might try sometime:

vintage patterns

My favorite piece though, is this vintage sewing needle card, with all the needles still intact! It’s so perfect I don’t think I could possibly bring myself to use a single needle, for fear of damaging the card. I think it just needs to be framed and displayed somehow…if only I could figure out a way to show both the front of the card and the inside. I may have to frame it closed, but with a picture of it open in the corner of the frame, or something like that.

needle card  needles

Way down in the bottom of the bag was one last hidden gem. This HUGE pile of finished projects:

Finished projects

There are table runners, napkins, handkerchiefs, doilies, and more! Some pieces are intricately crocheted in fine threads, some are fillet crochet. There’s a lot of embroidery, and even some delicate drawn thread borders on fine linen.

Unfortunately much of it is crumpled and yellowed with age. I’m going to slowly work through the pile, cleaning and pressing as much as I can salvage. When I’m done, I’ll give it back to my friend. This is the sort of thing that should stay in the family, and I don’t think they really knew what treasure was hidden in the bottom of this old craft bag.

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