A great knitting/crochet hack!

I normally hate the term “hacks” (as in “life hacks.”) I think it’s overused and cliché, and I normally avoid it. In this case though, I can’t help it. 

This is my friend Caroline, happily knitting away in the round at what was becoming quite a heavy market bag:

Caroline knitting on a turntable

Did you see what the market bag was resting on? It’s a turntable / lazy Susan, like you find at home goods stores. She said this way, the work turns by itself as she knits around and around, without it getting twisted, and without her having to stop and turn it every so often.

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I was doubtful – but I watched. In the 3 hours or so that she was there, I don’t think I ever saw her touch the bag once. She just kept knitting. I’m officially convinced! I’m sure this would work for crochet too, and next time I have a larger / heavier project in the round, I’m going to try it. What do you think?



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