#DIW2 – Mystery CAL blog hop scarf

Here it is! the big news I’ve been hinting at!

Some of you may remember the first Design Improv Workshop from back in October, where a bunch of designer friends and I got together to create an impromptu pattern. That was SO much fun that we just had to do it again. This time though, we’re going to make it a lot more exciting, and we hope you will all join in.

Design Improv Workshop #2

Instead of putting the pattern together by ourselves, we’re going to make it a mystery CAL blog hop!  I will kick things off with a post on April 1st (no joke), with the first few rows of a scarf pattern. After that, another designer will post a new section every 2 days.

The pattern has not been written ahead of time, so it will be brand new to us as we’re creating it. Since the sections will build off each other, each designer will have 2 days to design and post their section. When we run out of sections, the pattern can be repeated as needed for the length of a scarf.

Each row will be 40 stitches wide, and that is the only rule. We are not specifying a gauge, yarn weight, hook, color(s), or number of pattern repeats. This means that you get to add your twist to the design too! Will you make it thick, bulky, and warm for next winter? Or will you make it light and airy for warmer weather? Will you change colors or do it all in one color?  Long, or short? We can’t wait to see all the different results!

There are lots of ways to join in, share pictures, and chat about your progress. We’ll be using the tag #DIW2 for all social media, so you can post, pin, tweet, or all of the above! You can join us in this Ravelry group and this Google+ Community.

We also have a group Pinterest board set up. You can follow without doing anything, but if you want to post to the board, please enter your Pinterest username or e-mail address here and hit submit, so I can add you. Please be patient as it may take me time to get to everyone!

(Note: E-mail addresses seem to be working better. If I don’t add you within a day or two, it means I’m having trouble with adding you by name, so please try again with your e-mail. Thanks!)

*** contact form removed – CAL is over and pinterest board is closed ***

Here is a list of all the designers who are participating in this project, and the dates on which they will be posting their sections. Right now, these links will take you to the designers website. As new sections are posted, I will update the links to take you to the actual post.

1st Stitches’N’Scraps
3rd American Crochet
5th Underground Crafter
7th Busting Stitches
9th The Crochet Lounge
11th Knot your Nana’s Crochet
13th Crochet Chiq
15th Crochet Memories
17th TBD / Catch up day
19th Kati D Creations
21st Crochet for you

With a few days to catch up at the end, be sure to check back here on the 30th for a wrap up post. I can’t wait to get started!


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