If you’re like me, you have a hard time throwing away all the little leftover bits and pieces when scrapbooking. I have a big bin where I put all the odds and ends that I’m sure I’ll someday find a use for. Recently, that bin has been getting a little too full, so I’m making a conscious effort to use some of it up. Here’s a page I did a few days ago using lots of these scraps (photos and names intentionally blurred):

Using up scrapsI know you can’t tell because it’s blurred, but the big photo is a nicely posed family picture. The smaller photo clipped next to it is a funny, candid shot from a few moments earlier, while they were getting ready.

See the paper with the pine branches that I used as a mat for the photo? there’s a reason the photo is overlapping the top left corner. That’s not actually a rectangular mat, it’s the L-shaped leftover edges from when I cut out a rectangle earlier. Most of the space under the main photo is actually empty. There was also a little tear in the bottom of the “mat”,  but it’s covered up nicely by the smaller photo.

That “Ho-Ho-Ho” border wasn’t quite long enough to go around the whole edge either – the square sticker is covering up another empty corner. The journaling bit is actually covering up some earlier writing on that snowflake tag too. I had previously tried to use the tag for a different page, but it didn’t work out the way I had thought. No worries though, since it can just be covered up and re-used!

The stars and main background paper came from the same (mostly used up) set as most of the other pieces. The “Merry” and “Christmas” stickers, as well as the velum “Love” quote in the corner are leftovers from different themed sets and sticker sheets that were also originally used on other projects. I like mixing the different fonts and styles, I think it actually adds dimension and interest.

It’s a good feeling to be able to make something pretty out of leftovers that might otherwise have been thrown away. The only actually new item on the whole page is that spiral paper clip! Do you save your scraps too?



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