Tutorial – Diagonal Box Stitch — 10 Comments

  1. This is an interesting “checker board’ pattern. I’ve seen it many times and never could figure out how it was done. Thanks so much for this tutorial. It really is easier that it appears.

  2. This looks very interesting , I think I need to try this pattern. By looking at the the pattern it looks quite easy but see what I can do when I actually do this

  3. I learned how to do this stitch at a motorhome rally craft class…Made a large rug and love it..but want to do another one and can’t find the pattern..Rang a friend who has made it and she put me on to this site..WOW!! What a discovery…..Now I can make one for my daughter-in-law, hopefully for Christmas, if not, for her birthday in March…don’t have a lot of spare time, only crochet in front of tv at night.

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