For this month’s tea cozy we’re starting with the Broken Rib Tea Cozy by Pamela Hendersen, but are using some of the Ravelry projects made with this pattern as inspiration to modify it into an apple, pumpkin, or maybe something else!

I’m going to make an apple. I’m using the same red yarn that I used for the June cozy, so I’m cheating and using the same picture too:


Just ignore the black and the beads. I have lots of leftover green as well, so will be using some of that for the leaf.

Speaking of the leaf, I found lots of great leaf patterns to choose from! Here are some of my favorites:

I don’t think I’ll settle on which one to use until I actually get to that point. What about yours? Which variation of the cozy are you making?

Want more tea cozy fun?

  • Check out all the other finished cozies on the Pinterest page. If you made one and I haven’t posted it there yet, please let me know.
  • Visit the Ravelry group for tips and suggestions, to follow everyone’s progress, or just for some tea talk.
  • On the main Tea Cozy Tuesday page you can find the official button, rules, and other useful links.
  • If you post about the cozy-along on your own site, please link back or leave a comment here or on the main page so we can all find your post!


Tea Cozy Tuesday – September – Week #2 — 2 Comments

  1. Hi, I’m Grammy from Grammy’s Heart…very cute idea! I’d love to see pics when you’re done. If I could share them on my site, I’d appreciate that as well!

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