I’ve gathered my supplies for this month’s cozy: The Fairy Cake Tea Cozy by Frankie Brown.  I decided I wanted to make a red velvet fairy cake in a green wrapper, with cream cheese icing…yum!

Once again I managed to find all the yarn I needed in my stash (assuming the burgundy holds out.) Since the pattern calls for all sport weight yarn, it was a little harder. Technically the Lion Brand “Pound of Love” icing and “Amazing” wrapper are considered worsted weight, but they’re lighter than most worsteds so I’m hoping they will work out OK.


My favorite find was the buttons for the “sprinkles” on top. While at my local yarn store the other day, I stumbled across a large jar full of all different shapes and sizes of buttons. It turns out, this is a charity button jar. The rule is you can help yourself to whatever buttons you want, in return for making a donation (of any amount you deem appropriate) to the charity box. What a great idea! I found these little red buttons that I think will be just perfect.


Remember, you can check out all the finished cozies on the Pinterest page. I will keep adding them as they are finished, so keep checking back for more! If you made one and I haven’t posted it there yet, please let me know (it may matter one day, you never can tell!)

If you post about your cozy, please remember to link your post back to the main Tea Cozy Tuesday page or to this post so everyone can check it out! Alternately, you can add a link in the comments here or on the main page. If you haven’t already, please do check out the main Tea Cozy Tuesday page for the button, rules, and other useful links.


Tea Cozy Tuesday – March – Week #2 — 7 Comments

  1. I’m completely floored that you are knitting a cozy a month? Is that right? Really? I have been telling even my non knitting friends about this. They are rather floored too. hehe. Cheering you on from afar. I’m just trying to make sure I finish a pair of socks here and there. Oh who am I kidding, I just want to finish something, anything!

    • we are! well actually, we’re making a cozy a month, but we’re alternating between knit and crochet….the patterns are all free and mostly fairly easy – you should join us for a cozy or two (or more)! There’s a group on Ravelry as well and everyone on it is very supportive and helpful.

      I’m also doing the Socks with Sarah KAL this year – have you seen that one? it’s loads of fun – basically all you have to do is knit at least one row on a pair of socks every day, that’s it! You’d be amazed how quickly a row or two a day can turn into a pair of socks 🙂

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