Tutorial – Wraps Per Inch (WPI)

Wraps per inch method for determining yarn weight

I’ve been working on a project using a package of “mill ends” that I picked up over a year ago. For those of you who aren’t familiar, mill end skeins are like remnants. There’s no weight, fiber content, or even brand listed on the package. I’m writing up the pattern for you, but there’s one problem –  I need to tell … Continue reading →

We like to play with yarn

lady in chair knitting

Tomorrow night, I’m supposed to talk to a group of women for 15 minutes about knitting and crocheting. Most of these women are retired, and there are several presenters who will all be talking about hobbies/activities that people do in their free time. I’ve been thinking a lot about what to say, because “I like to play with yarn” is not … Continue reading →

Stashing on Ravelry

A sample stash page on Ravelry

Today, I am sorting through and organizing all the new yarn I got on my trip to the Knit and Crochet show. There’s a lot of it, and like many of you, I already had a lot at home! Without some way to manage it, I would never remember what I have. Luckily, once again, it’s Ravelry to the rescue. I use the … Continue reading →

Hanks, balls, and skeins – oh my!

a hank of yarn

Yarn comes in many formats, with different names. Sometimes it’s wound by a machine, sometimes it’s wound by hand, and sometimes it’s just twisted together. There are cakes, skeins, hanks, balls, cones, and even spools – do you know the difference? Here are some examples:

A package from Red Heart!

Goodie box

Look at the goodies the postman brought me the other day, from the lovely people at Red Heart! There’s a skein of Boutique Twilight in the “Romantic” colorway, and a coordinating skein of Boutique Infinity in the “Enchanted” colorway. Hmm…an enchanted romance indeed! They’re both generous skeins in gorgeous shades of purple, and both with a subtle sparkle. They’re surprisingly soft … Continue reading →

Happy squishy yummy joy!

Anne Geddes Baby Yarn

That’s exactly what I felt when I opened a package that came in the mail yesterday from those wonderful people over at Red Heart. Inside, in a nice tote bag, were these 10 skeins of Anne Geddes Baby yarn! Aren’t they pretty? I love this yarn because of the colors – most baby yarns only come in pastels, but this one comes in … Continue reading →

A nice surprise

Finished projects

Yesterday, a friend surprised me with a huge bag full of old craft supplies – the kind of treasures that get dug out of a basement where they had been forgotten for many years. When I opened the bag, I found lots of goodies! Of course there was yarn: It is all Red Heart Super Saver, which for many years made up … Continue reading →