Free Pattern – Bruges Lace Napkin Ring

Bruges Lace Napkin Ring

Follow my blog with BloglovinIf you’ve never done Bruges lace, this pattern is a great introduction! Before you start, be sure to check out my new Bruges Lace tutorial.  Basic Bruges lace is really nothing more than the stitches you already know, with lots of chain spaces and slip stitches to create interlocking loops. These chain spaces create the beautiful … Continue reading →

Hanks, balls, and skeins – oh my!

a hank of yarn

Yarn comes in many formats, with different names. Sometimes it’s wound by a machine, sometimes it’s wound by hand, and sometimes it’s just twisted together. There are cakes, skeins, hanks, balls, cones, and even spools – do you know the difference? Here are some examples:

A nice surprise

Finished projects

Yesterday, a friend surprised me with a huge bag full of old craft supplies – the kind of treasures that get dug out of a basement where they had been forgotten for many years. When I opened the bag, I found lots of goodies! Of course there was yarn: It is all Red Heart Super Saver, which for many years made up … Continue reading →

Free Pattern – Granny’s Coasters

My Granny's Coasters

My Granny was a talented crocheter. One of my mothers prized possessions is a set of crocheted coasters that Granny had made. They were always on our coffee table (though we knew better than to actually put anything on them!) We lived literally half a world away, so I only met her a few times. I always felt close to … Continue reading →