Free Pattern – Crossed Cables Square

Crossed Cables Square

This is one of four 5 inch squares I made as homework for a crochet retreat. It’s a relatively easy pattern and works up quickly. The cables give it a bit of texture, with one crossed row in the middle just for fun.     This pattern is protected by copyright. Please do not distribute or share this pattern in … Continue reading →

Free Pattern – Sunshine Square

Sunshine square - a free 6" square pattern on

Soak in the sunshine while you can with this fun, sunny square! The sun in the middle really pops out thanks to front post stitches. This pattern was designed for the 2015 Mystery Lapghan CAL (#MysteryLapghanCAL2015). If this is the first you’ve heard about it, don’t worry – we’ve only just started, so there’s plenty of time to catch up! You can read … Continue reading →

Free Pattern – Criss cross apple sauce

Criss Cross Applesauce collage

The back and forth, crossed post stitches (cables) at the center of this square form a lattice like texture. There is a Jacob’s ladder / braid stitch in each corner, tucked under smaller chain spaces for a more criss-crossed look. The back of the square has a completely different, but also interesting texture, which looks a bit like layered shell stitches. The pattern is written with … Continue reading →

Free Pattern – Dreaming of Pinwheels

Dreaming of Pinwheels

This whimsical blanket combines my Windy Square and Pinwheel Square patterns. It uses a couple of different joining techniques and a simple striped border. It is made with Anne Geddes Baby yarn by Red Heart, and it has come out really soft and squishy. I had to resist the urge to cuddle up in it myself! At the end of the … Continue reading →

Tutorial – Whipstitch seam through wrong side loops only

Finished seam

This is my favorite seam for joining blanket pieces and motifs. I know the join-as-you-go crocheted seams are really popular, and they are much faster to do. There’s just something about this old fashioned way that I really love. The unused loops line up so neatly on either side of the seam, leaving a recessed criss-cross design in the middle. When used … Continue reading →

Free Pattern – Pinwheel square

Pinwheel square

I love to watch pinwheels spinning in a warm summer breeze. Because of the color selection, Anne Geddes Baby yarn by Red Heart was an obvious choice for this project. It comes in a wide array of colors, including those vibrant, bright shades that can be so hard to find in a baby yarn. It’s also a great weight for … Continue reading →

Free Pattern – Windy Square

Windy Square

This “windy” blanket square makes me think of a gentle, warm breeze on a bright spring day. I wanted the design to be solid, but still feel light and airy. The yarn that immediately came to mind is Anne Geddes Baby yarn by Red Heart. It’s soft and squishy like a billowy cloud, with a subtle hint of sheen. It’s a great weight for a baby … Continue reading →